EP237: Is It Time to Hire a Team?

Is it time to hire a team?


Feeling overwhelmed and missing deadlines? It's a sign you need help. Recognize the importance of maintaining the quality of your work.

Thanks for joining me again for another episode of The Savvy Scribe podcast. Today, we’re diving into a crucial question for freelance writers: Is it time to hire a team of freelancers for your freelance writing business? Many freelancers start as solo operators, relishing the freedom and autonomy, but challenges arise as the workload grows. In this episode, we’ll discuss the signs that indicate when it’s the right time to expand your team.

The Signs to Hire a Team

Sign #1: Work Overload:
Let’s start by talking about the telltale signs that your work has become overwhelming. If you find yourself consistently burning the midnight oil, missing deadlines, or simply not delivering your best work, you’re likely stretched too thin.
Feeling overwhelmed and missing deadlines? It’s a sign you need help. Recognize the importance of maintaining the quality of your work.
Sign #2: Leaving Money on the Table:
The second reason to consider building a team is when you’re leaving money on the table. If you’re turning away potential clients or projects because you can’t handle them all, it’s time to consider expanding your team.
If you’re turning down projects due to capacity issues, you’re not maximizing your potential. Having a steady stream of work you can’t take on is a clear signal.
Sign #3: Complementary Skills:
When hiring a team, it’s essential to ensure that their skills complement each other. This synergy will allow you to offer a broader range of services and deliver better results to your clients.
A team with diverse skills can take on more varied projects. Leverage your team’s strengths to enhance your business.
Sign #4: Financial Capacity:
A critical aspect of hiring is having the income to support your team. Despite initial concerns about affordability, hiring can actually increase your earnings by allowing you to focus on areas where you may have been falling short.
Invest in your team to free up time and grow your business. Increased income often follows wise hiring decisions.
Sign #5: Client Base:
Before you hire a team, make sure you have a solid client base that can support the expansion. Start with contractors for a few hours a week, avoiding overcommitment until you’re certain you can handle it.
Ensure your client base can support the addition of team members. Begin with part-time contractors to manage income fluctuations.
Putting contracts in place for your contractors is crucial. It ensures a win-win situation for all parties involved, providing clarity and security.
The decision to hire a team for your freelance writing business is a significant one. Factors like increasing workload, client base, missed deadlines, and a sense of dread can guide you. If you’re experiencing these signs, it might be time to take the next step.


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