EP236: Client Acquisition and Onboarding With Sarah Duran

Client Acquisition and Onboarding With Sarah Duran


Solopreneurs can create authentic connections rather than viewing potential clients as walking dollar signs.

Let’s talk about client acquisition and onboarding for solopreneurs, focusing on the importance of understanding your unique business identity and the need for client-vendor fit. In this new episode of the Savvy Scribe podcast, I and my guest, Sarah Duran, will delve into the client acquisition process and how to onboard clients effectively.
About the Guest:
Sarah Duran, Founder & CEO of Fruition Initiatives LLC is an operational expert who has spent over a decade helping people and organizations turn their ideas into action. On top of her business strategy expertise, she’s also a coach who helps solopreneurs live up to their highest potential. She takes her expertise as a consistent six-figure freelancer and combines it with her background in curriculum design, facilitation, and coaching to give solopreneurs the support to get what they need out of their work EVERY. DAY.

Client Acquisition and Onboarding

1- Understanding Your Business Identity:
We discuss the importance of self-reflection to determine what you want from your work and why you do it. Sarah also mentions the need to tailor your business to your goals and values, which can differ from traditional job roles. She talks about the importance of authenticity in presenting your unique business identity.
2- Client Acquisition:
We discuss the role of building genuine relationships through networking and connections.
Sarah shares some ways that solopreneurs can create authentic connections rather than viewing potential clients as walking dollar signs.
3- Discovery Calls:
She emphasizes the need to recognize that discovery calls are not just about clients assessing you but also about you determining if the client is a good fit.
We talked about the importance of asking clients about their pain points and problems during discovery calls to tailor your services effectively.
4- Flexibility and Client Fit:
Client preferences can vary widely, and it’s essential to be flexible in your approach.
Sarah suggests offering a trial period before committing to a long-term retainer to ensure both parties are comfortable with the working relationship.
5- Onboarding:
She mentions the need for clear communication and setting expectations during the onboarding process.
Onboarding can differ based on the type of services you provide, so customize it to your needs.
Have a list of requirements from both you and the client during onboarding, such as company information, style guidelines, or other relevant details.
Host a formal kickoff meeting to set the tone of the engagement and demonstrate professionalism.
Sarah also highlights the transition from being “just a freelancer” to a strategist and consultant who helps clients identify and solve their problems.
6- Taking the Lead:
Solopreneurs should take the lead in defining the engagement and demonstrating expertise.
Confidence and professionalism can lead to higher rates for your services.
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