Episode 78: Employee vs Freelance – The Big Debate

With nurses being furloughed during this pandemic, it made me really stop and think about this topic and why Freelancing is better than being an Employee.

Employee vs. Freelance – Compared

1. Growth in income

Freelance – You can grow as big as you want with clients.

Employee – You are stuck in the hospital environment, making the same wage, working the same amount of hours.

2. Growth in Skill

Freelance – You can expand your skillset

Employee – You get stuck at the bedside unless you want to be a manager or practitioner, but even then, there is a cap.

3. Taxes

Freelance – Business expenses for taxes

Employee – Your hospital is taxing you every paycheck – that’s why you almost vomit when you see the gross and then your actual paycheck

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Is being an employee better?

1. Security – is it, though? Furloughing proved that wrong. Pensions aren’t given, and no matching with retirement
2. Don’t have to find clients – Sure, it’s easy, right? You go to work, do a job, and come home.

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