73: Do You Know How To Do Video Pitching For Prospects? Learn From These Simple Tips!

Today’s episode is talking about the new era of video and how to utilize it in your pitches. This topic is perfect for everyone who writes pitches to gain clients. Find out how to get creative in writing pitches and use video pitching to engage your clients in a different way of communication.

Undoubtedly, the video stands out everywhere. Whether it’s on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Snapchat, or other social media channels, you can notice that many people are engaged with it. Social media platforms have added video features that make them more useful not only for personal use but for business strategy as well.

So now, let’s talk about the changes in video techniques and how you can use them to get clients. Using my experience, I will share some expert tips on how to incorporate video strategy into your pitching process.

I actually learned video pitching through Gina, my previous guest in Episode 64: PIVOT by adding services and growing your business with Gina Horkey. We talked about virtual assisting and the types of work that you can add to your freelance services, and it was fun.

–> I was JUST on Gina’s podcast Horkey HQ this week <–

You may be aware that some people (maybe including you) hate seeing themselves on a video or creating one. Personally, you can see me doing Facebook Live and of course, I make sure that I present myself a little more professional for clients who might watch me.

How to start incorporating video pitching for your clients:
  • Don’t hate yourself in the video.

Start by creating a video for your friends because it is one way for you to build your confidence. There are a lot of video tools that you can download on your phone, and then you can start adding your friends where you get to see yourself, which eventually helps you feel comfortable facing people. One app that I use that you can also give a try is Marco Polo, or feel free to explore other free tools.

  • Keep it short.

Know that everyone’s attention span is short, so it is essential to grab the interest of your audience right at the time the video plays. Keep the episode as short as possible but make sure to highlight the valuable takeaways because that’s what clients want as well. Start by introducing yourself in no more than 2-3 sentences. Then, dive into your samples.

person writing on notebook

  • Hire somebody to edit your video.

You can find video editors on Fiverr.com or other freelancing sites. You may ask them to add pictures or a screenshot of your work samples or other cool things like animations. They can also creatively add bullet points to highlight important topics in your video. Of course, don’t forget to add a call-to-action, so there’s always room for follow-up.

Another cool trend that you must check out is a new feature on LinkedIn where you can do a video and a voice message. 

If you’re interested in doing some video pitching and you are an insider on the Savvy Scribe Insider’s group, start using some of the tools like ZoomLoom, and many more. Most of these video apps are just free, so they are a must-try! 


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