Episode 151: The Writer’s Guide to Getting Organized

Set realistic deadlines and stick to them!

Whether you’re juggling freelancing and family life or just trying to make ends meet with one job while doing occasional work as a writer for other outlets – it can be hard not knowing where all the time goes! But there’s no need to worry because we’ve rounded up tips from some of today’s top freelance writers about getting organized.

This post is packed with tips, strategies, and resources for getting organized as a freelance writer. Whether it’s time to check out the latest hacks or want some motivation from other hustlers in your industry – there are things for every freelancer here!

Getting Organized Using Resources and Tools for Your Writing Projects

The first one I have for you is called HoneyBook. This will help you in getting organized with writing projects because it helps you stay on track with clients. It helps you organize your discovery calls write notes have contracts proposals and everything in one space. It also that your email to client back-and-forth and develop a Client portal so you can keep everything organized. You don’t have to remember how long their articles are supposed to be. You just have to go to the patient portal and look at your proposal that they agreed to so that you can get your article right every single time.

The second tool I have in love is ClickUp. This platform keeps my clients organize and deliverables prioritized so that I always deliver before the deadline. ClickUp also lets you email from its platform, and connect to Google docs so that you can work directly inside ClickUp 24/7.

The last two I’ll give you to keep your writing projects soundtrack is using the Pomodoro timer. You’ve heard me talk about it before and it helps you stay focused on writing projects and helps you bounce back in between projects if you need to with a fresh burn each time.

More tips for managing your schedule

Set realistic deadlines and stick to them!

Clients will always want their assignments quickly. Make sure in your mind you have enough time on your plate to decipher what a good deadline is. If you work in the next three days in a row and your client wants an assignment done within the next five days you might want to take a look at that assignment and play it out if you could get it done in time. The last thing you want is to rush a client deadline because you were rushed. A client would rather have a nice product delivered a little over a deadline than I have a rush and deliver them junk.

Love to hear more tips on getting organized? Try these tools and strategies to help you successfully work remotely and even become more productive than ever before!


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