5 Reasons Why I love Google Drive

5 Reasons Why I love Google Drive

5 Reasons Why I love Google Drive

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a platform that Google uses to store docs, forms, videos, photos, and files. You are able to access it with any device, from anywhere that has internet access. It is absolutely the answer to so many of my prayers! Oh, one of the best features, FREE 15 GB of storage, which is a lot of storage!

Now, with my writing business, I only use one account with my writing folders separated. I am very organized, thanks to my other great Google tool. Therefore, all the pictures of my kids and personal things are together on a separate email (separate Google Drive, yes another 15GB of storage!).

Accessing Google Drive

I am actually using Google Drive, right now, from a library computer. A library computer. No one has access to it because it is in my private account. All you need is an accessible device (Android and Apple have free Google Drive Apps), connect and go. 

The Reasons Why I Love Google Drive

1. No Charge Cloud Storage

I have used platforms in the past that give you a very small amount of space for free. Google is extremely generous with their 15GB of free space. With so many people using Google as their platform it is nice to be able to put files on the same platform, from anywhere.

2. Share Option

I love being able to share my articles or ideas with other collaborators. For example, one of my retainer clients, Jessica at Monthly Gift, gets access to each and every article I write when I am finished with it. No need to upload and send the file. I simply add her to the share list and she is notified with an email.

3. Chat

Another cool feature to use is the chat feature. Using the example from above, Jessica could write some notes for my article. If I am only, it will let me chat with her. It is so practical and time saving, rather than emailing back and forth.

google drive

4. Offline Capability

You can access offline as well. Recently, we went to Florida and I had to work on my upcoming book. I have three pages drafted that I could not access. As soon as I had wifi, I clicked the button, and I had access whereever I wanted (which happened to be laying on the beach). Pretty cool.

5. Anywhere, Anytime

My overall most beloved feature of Google Drive is being able to use it anywhere. Right now, I am in school for a further degree. I save all my drafted papers and discussions on my Google Drive. I am able to access it from my laptop, iPad, desktop, library, and even my work computer if I wanted to. I had an issue one time that I had to do work at my parents’ house on their computer, and there it was, right in Google Drive.

Sorry Microsoft Word, unless my clients want the article delivered that way, I have switched to Google Drive. After so many years of uploading Word documents to my email and emailing it to myself, I am so proud of Google to come up with a solution.

What do you love that helps you with your work?

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