40: Repurpose Content — One Blog 5 Different Ways

Did you know you can take one blog post and use it for a variety of different content upgrades? Once you create a post, you can up-level it, to an entirely different content upgrade! Though, not all pieces of content work the same way on different social platforms. Today, we talk about how to repurpose content for a small business.

How to Repurpose Content for a Small Business

Repurposing content may sound like a complete cop-out, but it’s not. Taking existing content, rewrite it a bit, add in some up-to-date stats and facts gives it a new visual. In this podcast episode, we will see how to repurpose content so that we can use the same content for different purposes.

You don’t have to post every single day of your life to try and get a following. The best way to get known out there is to have 5 to 6 really good pieces of content. And then make stuff out of that to drive your audience to you. If you think about it, you really only need to know how to make this content upgrade work for you and your business. It will also help you avoid being exhausted and mentally drained from trying to think of new ideas all the time.

Repurpose content is like upgrading the content according to the situation. We all know that one blog post can be used in a variety of different ways because you can up-level any content, from a podcast episode to a blog post, to a social media post. Although not all pieces of content may work in the same way on different social platforms you can take it apart and be creative.

Let’s take this for an example. Suppose you’ve written a blog post about “10 Things you Never Knew about Great Danes” and shared on a website. But then you want to represent that in different ways on other social media platforms.

So, I’m gonna walk you through of how I do that with each platform. On Twitter, you can find news story related with Great Danes, share it. Follow up by sharing your blog post with an image (I use Canva), and add a funny Gif of Great Danes to engage people on that post. Also, I suggest to get two platforms that you like the best, you don’t need to be on every social platform. For Instagram, make an appropriate size image of your content, as well as a story to click on the link to that post or you can grab a qoute from your post and add hashtags.

If we talk about Facebook, pictures, video, and curated content does the best on this platform. Similarly, if we talk about websites, then we use the SEO optimized content so that your content should be on the top. Don’t hesitate to post, you’ll never know who may like your content. For LinkedIn, look for content about Great Danes and how they help people in the workplaces or therapy. Remember that LinkedIn is a business platform, so, you have to have a professional twist to make it LinkedIn friendly. There is a strategy for every platform, and I hope this help you brainstorming those amazing content you have to make more than just a blog post.

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