190: What Should I Put Inside My Contracts?

Having a contract not only protects you but it also protects your clients.

Today, we’re talking about things you should put in your contracts. If you’re a member of the Plan, Produce, Profit course, you’ve heard me talk about contracts many times, but why are we so scared about them?

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I’m a nurse. But all this information I obtained from different lawyers. This is not legal advice. Please take this with a grain of salt. Know that it’s something that you should put inside a contract, but when you finally get a contract together, it’s important to maybe get it looked at by a lawyer so that you know it’s legit. 

What’s inside this episode!

  • The importance of having a contract
  • How to overcome your fear of creating contracts for your clients
  • Essential things you should never forget to put in your contracts
  • The benefits for you and your clients in having a contract
  • A tool you can use for creating and sending your contracts

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