Episode 166: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated While Working Remotely

If you feel like you are losing your motivation, take a break. Sometimes, all we need is to step away.

Sometimes, it’s hard to stay motivated. If you feel like you are losing your focus on achieving your goals, listen in as Janine shares 5 ways to stay motivated while working remotely.

  1. Start with your why; however that looks like.
  2. Set a large goal – for businesses, you can always use an income goal. Doing this can help you work backward, and if you can work backward from somewhere, then you can strategically plan how you’re going to get there.
  3. Set 6-weekly/3-monthly goals – we can’t get somewhere if we can’t visualize it.
  4. Give everything a date – this will keep you motivated to get the task done.
  5. Take a break – sometimes, all we need is to step away.


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