53: Using Writing Skills to Empower Your Nurse Career with Nurse Keith Carlson

Take your personal life off the hook and actually live by it. Holism is looking deeply at yourself and thinking about what you want and the kind of life you want to live.

Our guest for today’s episode is Nurse Keith Carlson, who will share some tips on how to use your writing skills to empower you as a nurse and nurse entrepreneur. He is a registered nurse in Santa Fe, Mexico, a career coach, writer, podcaster, social media influencer, motivational speaker, popular career columnist, and an award-winning nurse blogger. 

Topics we discuss include:

How he started his nurse career

He has a fascinating story about what he did prior to nursing, and we talked about how it probably made him a better nurse. We discuss lots of advice related to how to own a business. He started his career under the influence of his family. (Two nurses from World War II, and he even shared a funny story about an experience of one of her aunts during WW2.)

He stated that prior to his nursing career, he used to be a massage therapist, yoga teacher, a bookstore helper with a high school diploma. What may have contributed to him being a better nurse is when he went to a community health center.


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How writing helps nurses elevate their careers

He tells us how to build a brand, where to publish, and how to enhance our writing skills and just keeps writing. He said that having a blog is a way to demonstrate your expertise. It is leading you to build your brand. 

Another way that nurses can develop their writing skills and elevate their careers is to publish an article on places like LinkedIn. These articles could help you get published. Expressing yourself great verbally and in writing can help elevate your brand.

We talk about breaking into speaking events (this was before Covid-19) and becoming a social media influencer.

Learning to appreciate his own voice made him realize that he can express himself well verbally. After a year of doing many podcasts, he realized that he could get on stage and talk to people because he enjoyed how he was able to express himself verbally rather than in written form. That’s when he started looking and getting speaking gigs. He also started studying speaking and getting some coaching around speaking.

If you want to be different you just have to dive in and learn from the best and study it.

Nurse Keith

Since Keith is an expert in holistic medicine, I asked for some tips on how nurses can use holistic medicine in their own practice. You will have some actionable tips to take away and understand “holism.”

Holism, from his perspective, is not ignoring aspects of your being and really looking at your life from a global viewpoint. It is about looking at life from a global view and not leaving stones left unturned.

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