98: Finding Time to Write with Emma Dhesi

Make time to check your emotions. You just need to be honest with yourself. The more you get answers, the more you can go back to do things and fix some failures and try to fit in.

In today’s episode, we have Emma Dhesi from Scotland; she was a former secretary and actress for 10 years. Years later she does what she loves to do most and that’s teaching others. By the age of eight, she’s into writing and attended some writing workshops. Her college is exciting and that challenged her to write a textbook. She begins to draft and see if she can do it and enjoy the experience. 

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A historian woman called Elizabeth Costa who wrote a book called The Historian gave her a light bulb moment. The historian writer asked her, “How did you manage to write this? This amazing book! She replied, “I just had to ride horses”, so that’s what Emma got to do. Because of that, she started writing and being consistent in building routine for herself and made transition.

Finding time to write was a challenge for her in the beginning. She has to sit down for 20 minutes and fuel her mood. It is her dream and her heart to write, as she progressed she did more on writing until it became her regular routine. The more we do it, we are used to it easier and get things done. With this motivation, she was able to make and develop many words while writing.

Since most things are new to her, it is hard to clear yourself and find time to write. It is really tough to do writing while doing some housework. Not yet to mention a few stressors like fear and uncertainty. So, to get started, you need to start and build small in a minute as you progress in writing.

Is your writing good enough? Try these tips!

Finding time to write with emma

Tips to Find Time to Write

Have a Diary-Scheduling

When you’re working, doing some stuff, going somewhere, and writing – you can put and organize those activities there. Writing them on your diary-scheduling ahead of time can ease your work in the coming days. It takes the stress away. This will make you learn from mistakes, failure and a chance to be better in a new routine in your life. It will truly help you find time to write without getting other things messy.

Self-awareness (When did you turn up and when did you sit down?)

Whether its external emergency or internal fear and lack of confidence, you need to find and fix it. Look or do something you love and enjoy, there’s a potential for you to get income from doing the things you love. Make time to check your emotions. You just need to be honest with yourself. The more you get answers, the more you can go back to do things and fix some failures and try to fit in. It takes time to overcome and learn some lessons. The more practice, the more you will learn and enjoy it. Less stress may give you enough time to open your diary and write again.

Make Space (Starting A Relationship)

Think about writing as an affair to fuel your excitement and give you joy. Add time to write and add another. When all the things that you want to do are already in your diary, then you should work on them naturally. Doing so will make you more comfortable while doing it. It’s a matter of directing yourself towards proper mindset if you’re willing to get it done. You can add more space in your time diary and begin to write something that interests you or anything that leads you to finish your work.

Let your writing work around you. You need a calendar to balance your time in writing. It could be an online tool, like Google calendar and more. This will make you confident in managing your time in writing. And it doesn’t mean that when you have to speak about time management. It doesn’t fit not only to those who don’t have much time. It can also be suitable for those who have a lot of time yet nothing gets done. To keep things done – make yourself busy, enjoy and use those things and thoughts that make you happy while writing.

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