173: WHERE and HOW to Start a Passive Income Business as a Nurse with BriAnne Bell

We are not meant to stay stuck in a job that we hate.

This episode for you if:

  • You’re a nurse who loves your job, and you just want to add an extra stream of income
  • You’re a nurse who is just totally burnt out, and you are looking for another way that you can use your nursing skills to step away from the bedside.
  • Your goal is just to start a side hustle and be able to create another stream of income to pay off debt or replace your nursing income.
  • You are a nurse, and you just want something different!
Key points we’ve discussed:
  • How to add passive income into our nursing income
  • The three steps to take if you don’t know where and how to start a passive income business as a nurse
  • BriAnne revealed three truths that nurses have to think about
  • She shares one of her podcast episodes that talks about the DCW framework.
  • Choosing right place to grow and scale your business
  • How to build trust so people buy from you

About BriAnne

BriAnne is a registered nurse, entrepreneur & passive income advocate. She is also the host of The Passive Income Nurse Podcast, the podcast for faith-led nurses & healthcare professionals who are looking to diversify their income. On her podcast, she helps nurses strategize passive income opportunities so they can create freedom and flexibility in their lives!

Nurses Should Remember These Three Truths

We are not meant to stay stuck in a job that we hate. You were not placed on this Earth to stay stuck somewhere or to stay stuck in a job that you hate.

Every single one of us has something unique that we can offer and bring to the world. As nurses, we have a service heart. Most of us got into nursing because we enjoyed helping people. We’re all created to do something that involves serving others.

If something has been placed on your heart, if you feel something is on your heart, or maybe there’s an idea that’s been going around in your head, remember that it’s there for a purpose. That it is up to you to pursue that thing.

Three Steps to Start a Passive Income

Confused about where and how to start a passive income business as a nurse? BriAnne suggests these 3 steps!

  1. Find clarity

No matter where you are, whether you know exactly the direction that you are wanting to go or whether you are confused, every single one of you has something inside of your nursing skills instead of those nursing strengths that you can leverage to be able to create a passive income business.

Don’t forget to check out the event I did with Trusted Health where I discussed some ways to market your nursing skills.

  1. Where should you start this business
  2. Be consistent.

Keep listening as BriAnne discusses each of these steps!

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