169: How to Sell With Love & Authenticity on a Sales Call (and Triple Your Close Rate) with Kendra Perry

Getting money objection is just an invitation for you to work more on speaking deeply to the value and benefits of the service you’re offering and making it more relevant to them. It’s not always about the money a lot of times. It can just be about the value and their perception of the value.

Kendra is here with us today to discuss selling with love and authenticity in a sales call.

About Kendra Perry

Kendra is a former multiple 6-figure Functional Health Coach turned online business strategist for health & wellness coaches and practitioners. She is on a mission to stop health coaches from being broke AF by helping them build BOOMING 6-figure businesses that they love. She has helped hundreds of coaches grow their practices, attract consistent clients and blow up their bank accounts.

She is the creator of the Health Coach Accelerator™, which turns scared, scattered, and self-conscious coaches into confident, focused, and high-performing health entrepreneurs. She is also the founder of the Group Program Academy, which teaches coaches to scale their income and impact with online group coaching programs. 

Kendra has been featured in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive GlobalCEO Blog Nation, and Authority Magazine for her expertise in sales. 

When she isn’t getting fired up about business & marketing, you will find her indulging in her love of adrenaline sports in the remote mountains of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Value points discussed in this episode:

  • Her journey from a health coach to where she is now
  • Her “being bored” turning to blog writer – but FAILED (yes, this is important)
  • How to find your Ideal client – the person you help, a problem you fix, and the outcome you do without it and they can’t do it
  • What a sales call is
  • Different purposes of a sales call
  • What to find out on the sales call about your client
  • Knowing that it’s okay if someone isn’t the right fit
  • What NOT to say on a call
  • How to disarm clients before the call
  • Detach from the outcome
  • How to deal with objections
A sales call serves two different purposes:
  •  to give the person an opportunity to see if you’re the right fit
  • to determine if they’re the right fit

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