134: Expert Tips in Scaling a Business with Desi Bolin

Knowing your customers and building that relationship to make it something special is the first step to scaling and growing a sustainable business.

Today we have Desi Bolin. She is the founder and CEO of Virtually Sourced Solutions, LLC an international SVA consulting firm. She stands on the pillars of integrity, quality service, collaboration, and innovation. As a published author, course creator, and certification founder she truly puts over 65 specialties to highly efficient and highly effective use with two young kids at home ages six and three, the ability to multitask to get things done is touted.

We focus on relationships-based selling, networking, and collaborations, operating solely on word of mouth and referral. She lives to help others succeed through proven repeatable, scale and growth. She’s the world’s first and foremost strategic virtual assistant. She takes being a virtual assistant to the next level.

In this episode, we will be talking about scaling a business. Every company sets out with the goal of expanding. The goal is to reach breakeven, where your expenses are covered, and you can start making a profit. This, however, requires meticulous planning. You’re effectively taking a scattergun approach to your business plan if you don’t consider scalability. It may succeed, but it also has the potential to fail miserably.

The ability to adjust scale or size is referred to as scalability. Rather than concentrating on the ‘transformation’ aspect, it is necessary to concentrate on the ‘capacity’ aspect. Take a look at the essential components that drive capacity.

Setting the groundwork to enable and support your company’s growth is what scaling a business entails. It entails being able to develop without being stifled. It needs planning, some financing, and the appropriate systems, personnel, procedures, technology, and partners.

Career Path

Back then when she first started, she was essentially just a virtual assistant and it’s kind of evolved into doing all these different things.

She was from the inception of the company. She’s an industry agnostic. She worked with so many different industries – Homeowners, engineering manufacturing companies, retail companies, revenue growth coaches, revenue growth consultants, and IT companies.

She doesn’t like to niche into a specific industry because she likes to do something different every day, and being industry-agnostic allows her to help more people.

Tips in Scaling a Business

You need to know your customers. That is the first step in scaling a business and growing. You need to talk to them, get their voice. Score surveys are not recommended to kind of figure out where the company falls with its competitors and what the customers are thinking of them, and where they can improve, it’s knowing your customers.

Getting to know them and knowing that building that relationship and making it something special is a crucial way to scale a business and make it adaptable to growth. Sustainability is the name of the game right now. We must make sure that we are innovative no matter how fast these changes in the industry come and go. Communication is key.

Talk to your clients every day. Not all of them every day but you just have to make yourself a hundred percent accessible. Desi prides herself on the fact of being accessible and approachable. She says that you should not seem high and mighty because the customer is really what’s going to make or break a business.

You just have to be flexible, but it’s also fine to set some boundaries. When you take on a client, you have to let them know about your working hours. If you go over the agreed number of hours, tell them how much you are going to charge them and make sure that is clear before you begin a relationship.

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