114: Researching Process and Putting Together a Strategic Outline in Writing

Researching and putting together a strategic outline is important for you to make sure you are answering what you need to answer in the article.​

Hello my Savvy Nurse Writers and welcome to another workshop/podcast episode. Do you follow a researching process when writing an article?

I’m going to tell you guys today, how to go about approaching the article that you’re about to write the research and the outline for it. And again, you can do what you want to do as you develop your writing style over time. So, the research, editing, and outlining of articles is the biggest thing you have to do before you write because the writing is almost the easy part in a sense. But actually researching and putting together a strategic outline is important for you to make sure you are answering what you need to answer in the article.

So today I made up an article, it’s going to be called deadly bug bites for kids, and notice I didn’t make it very title like grabbing or anything like that, you can do that later. There are so many ways you can go about it. But right now all I want to do is start the research on a deadly bug bite for a kid and put together a few of them to tell my audience X number of deadly bug bites that you should probably get treatment on whatever that might look like. 

So let’s start! We’re going to walk through this together so, to start with, I searched for deadly bug bites for kids. Google on the right side, you can click something called tools and when that button is clicked, it will come down. Give you two options- one says anytime. Now I’m going to change this to the past year. 

And then I’m going to start to scroll down. The first thing that comes up is WebMD. So, of course, that’s a great thing to reference, if I’m trying to reference it. But we also have to be mindful of our clients. So if our client is a competitor of WebMD, we do not want to use WebMD. The same thing with Medscape, I like their title. I’m going to use Medscape.

Researching Process and Putting Together a Strategic Outline in Writing

I’m going to talk about symptoms, like what it looks like and how to avoid it.

If we cite according to a published article and link it, that’s called in-text citation. And at the end of it, I will do a little reference sheet with references. So people can go to those. 

I’m going to copy them and paste them but I would never just copy and paste and put it in here. This is just for my research right now. 

I’m going to cite a study that is informative. Again, copy-paste, but I would never do this. So you could copy and paste, but you always want to put according to and paraphrase. 

What we mean by paraphrasing is to go in and change the words, give the same idea but change the words.

I’m starting my outline. I’m going to do that for every one of my bites until I know the Articles either long enough or give enough information to answer as deadly bug bites for kids and then change up my title.

Then we take our time, we go through the research, we do our paraphrasing, we do our first ugly draft, and then we go back and we do an intro and a conclusion. 

So that ideally, we’re going to read it again, to make sure that our reader could understand these deadly bug bites and how to avoid them with credible evidence-based sites and citations. So that all the Formation is correct and legit.

 I hope this helps you guys, I hope you go and write many articles!

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