139: Remote Nursing Jobs for Writers with Sadie Glisson

Time management is a learned skill. I wouldn't say somebody must be proficient at it to do it but you definitely need to know that you're going to learn it.

In today’s episode, we have my friend Sadie Glisson, one of my favorite guests on the show.

She is the founder of the Remote Nurse, an online community and job board designed to connect nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to remote telehealth jobs. Sadie has been working from home as an RN for several years and now uses her expertise who help others break into the field of Telehealth to create more sustainable careers while advancing the next generation of healthcare.

We’re here today to talk about remote nursing jobs for writers.

She’s a registered nurse. She was a care coordinator and then got into clinical research and then some data abstraction. She had some weird roles and that’s kind of what led her into remote jobs because a couple of those roles were available remotely. Her husband was in the military at the time so they were moving all the time and so she started doing remote jobs. Now she helps nurses connect with this type of job because most nurses don’t know that you can work from home.

Career Path for Nurses Looking for Remote Nursing Jobs

What’s the difference between working for yourself and still working for a company?


Being an employee, you have to abide by the company’s time schedule. As for remote writing, it’s not as time-sensitive as patients being on the phone and needing to work during business hours.

Restriction of your employer
You have to do what works for them and the business, whereas, working for yourself, you can kind of choose, what your best schedule is, and then pick and choose work.


The downside with working from yourself sometimes is that there’s not the stability that you get from an employment job. You are responsible for making sure you have money to bring home.

Skills you need to be able to work from home as a nurse


You have to be independent. Working from home is more of an independent role. You got to be able to like research pretty well on your own.

Time Management

Time management is a learned skill. I wouldn’t say somebody must be proficient at it to do it, but you definitely need to know that you’re going to learn it.


It’s important to be tech-savvy in today’s modern world. It’s all online now. You need to be able to kind of click through fast and hold your thoughts as you’re moving through all these different programs. It increases your productivity and efficiency because you will be able to achieve more in less time.



A really fancy spreadsheet that helps me stay on track for lists and then housing information that I have. It can connect to different spreadsheets.

Sadie’s membership is for nurses NPs and PAs who are looking for remote jobs. She has a huge network of companies. She finds these jobs all over the place, all over the internet, everywhere. She collects them all in her database with all kinds of searchable tags for your license, your State, your specialties, different types of work schedules and etc. That way, it’s easy to find. She also has a remote company database, in which she collects information on the companies that she’s sharing jobs for so that nurses coming behind can come in and search in a similar way for companies.

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