58: Recession Proof Plan When You’re One Person in the Macroeconomic World with Carol Tice

You’re one person in the Macroeconomic world, and a recession won’t stop you.

A $200 Essay Content winner to Six-Figure Freelance Writer Carol Tice gives her recession proof tips to protect yourself from the economic uncertainties.

She was first a songwriter who won an Essay contest that LA Weekly is doing to a freelance writer who built her own freelance life in 2005. She grew over time and now makes 6 figures as a freelancer!

How to Conquer the Technical Mountain of Writing and be an Online Publisher

Carol’s vision for her blog is that the quality of the information provided in it should be like a magazine that people enjoy reading and serve them in a way – in short, provide VALUE and ACTION to your readers.

Your blogs aren’t about what you want to write or your ideas, and that usually is not the basis for good blogging. Instead, focus on writing different topics that create a package of incredible service where people want to subscribe not to miss any invaluable blog posts. Since it has gotten so much more competitive out there, you need to focus on who your audience is, how you can help them, and what they need the most from you.

In this podcast, we also talked about:

  • How to find out if this is a career for you…or not!
  • How this is a GREAT time to find health niche clients.
  • Oh, and we answer the question, “How do I start?”

What is Recession Proof Freelancer Ebook all about

The “Recession Proof Freelancer Ebook” is your resource for the upcoming recession.

Carol has been around for so long that this is not the first recession she faced. The first one was when she was building her freelance writing business even before the blog was earned. In this free Recession Proof Freelancer EBook, she compiled all her takeaways from that experience, and the biggest starting thing is to get a handle on your thoughts about what’s going on. The constant stream of negativity should be tuned out and stick to your writing.

The thing is, what is happening to the economy is a Macroeconomic trend that affects large systems and that may not affect you as a writer. And even though the freelance writing economy has a trillion dollars of work contracts, all you need to have is the correct mindset to keep growing and earning. You’ll just need to think that you are the exception because you have a goal. I also talked about my business and how I got excited by reading Carol’s book that I made my recession-proof plan!

The upcoming recession PROBABLY isn’t going to affect the marketing freelance writer – even if you’re just starting out. Recessions happen, and it’s not gonna hold us back for long.

Many have been worried, but recession-proof can keep you in line with your goal and mindset! Keep listening and get more insights from Carol!

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Visit Carol’s website http://www.MakeaLivingwriting.com plus, I recently wrote an article on her site Freelance Marketing Fix: A Nurse’s Cure for Crummy Writing Clients; check that out!

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