143: Featuring Plan Produce Profit Graduate — Julie Scott, DNP, ANP-BC, AOCNP

I could not have started this at the worst time of my life. Your dream can be what you make it. People can pay you money to write things that are easy for you.

Julie Scott, DNP, ANP-BC, AOCNP is an Oncology Nurse Practitioner, adjunct faculty member, wife, mom, and freelance writer. She took Plan Produce Profit in 2021 and is here to share her results!

About Julie Scott

Julie has been a nurse since 2006 and has been working on an oncology practice for 10 years now. She even got a certification in oncology and went back to school to finish her Doctorate degree and finished it last year. She also teaches online for Master’s students while running for schoolwork and raising her kids, ages 7 and 8.

Julie can say that she loves her career and treats it as her home. She joins the Plan Produce Profit course not because she wants to leave that job. Instead, she is looking for more flexibility or something that she can do on her own time. As she searched for that kind of role, she stumbled across The Savvy Scribe Podcast. The first episode that caught her attention was the one I did with my guest, Deanna Gillingham. So glad to hear that she is a regular listener of my podcast!

Just like me, Julie is an early bird. She wants to wake up super early when she is most productive. She also has a full-time job which is a reason why ‘flexibility’ is one thing that she’s looking to earn extra money and do that ‘thing’ whenever she wants.

I can relate to what she said. And I know that there is always an obstacle that holds people back when starting a business.

We often hear questions like…

Can I do it? Is this right for me? But there’s an investment. How much money could I make? Or do I have the time to invest in it?

The Obstacle in Starting a Freelance Writing Business

Julie’s main obstacle is time because she works as a full-time nurse practitioner, has two kids, and has a lot of things going on like teaching, schoolwork, and many more. Yet, she is grateful that everything she spent for the Plan Produce Profit course is time and money well-spent. When she started her business, she earns back every single penny she invested for the course. It was worth it!

What Julie Likes About the Plan Produce Profit Course

  • The Plan Produce Profit has got everything together.
  • The course is a good resource to continue to go back to. It allows you to review the course materials over and over again.
  • The membership offers a great package! It includes a Facebook Community, a podcast, group meetings, and all other resources that make it a one-stop shop.
  • A lot of FREE content! It is very helpful when you are starting out and want to see if this membership can help you before you invest money.

It is also worth noting nurse writers can access the job board before even becoming a member. It’s like a free gig opportunity and yet you are still getting paid for it.

Her Life After Graduating From the Plan Produce Profit Course

I am so excited to hear that Julie got clients and signed contracts to write a standard number of articles in a month. She also accepts freelance writing where she only writes when she has the time or can get that content done on the delivery date. And of course, if she has extra hours more then she can write more content. The majority of Julie’s content is oncology topics since she is more experienced in this field.

Benefits of the Plan Produce Profit Course

  • Flexibility not only on time but also the entire business
  • The course has everything that you needed: resources, tips, etc.
  • Connections with like-minded individuals

The Feeling of Fulfillment

This past summer, Julie thought of leaving her job because she is feeling a little bit burnt out. The pandemic has truly added to that “burnt-out” feeling and a few other stress factors. But then, her realizations tell her that she is not yet ready to leave her job.

It’s fulfilling for her to do her freelance writing whenever she wants it, or if she has free time, she can do the pitch. It gives her the confidence that she can do a lot more than it is today.

Julie is excited to see if where she can take this content writing career from here. It made her realize the things that are missing in terms of content. It motivates her to create resources for Oncology Nursing.

Joining the course will help you build connections with people who can encourage you to think outside the box. There is truly a whole world out there that Julie didn’t realize that it existed before becoming a Savvy Nurse Writer member. It’s amazing to know that she didn’t imagine that she will be doing the things that she does right now.

Takeaways From Julie

I could not have started this at the worst time of my life. Your dream can be what you make it. People can pay you money to write things that are easy for you.

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