42: 5 Tips on Reducing Overwhelm in Business

Don't get overwhelmed. You should understand that working at this pace is temporary, and don’t hesitate to step back, because you don’t have to do everything if your heart is not into it.

Today we’re gonna talk about how to handle overwhelm in business! I hope you guys are doing well. I hope the weather isn’t too treacherous where ever you live.

Maybe you’re listening to this during summer, that’s pretty awesome, but as I record this, it is very cold here in Cleveland. That’s okay, though. We’re also winding down as I record this. And actually, today is Sunday, which is out of my batching time. I usually do it on a Tuesday, but it’s so nasty outside, and everyone is just kinda chillin’ out. So here I am, engaging with you guys!

How to Reduce the Overwhelm in Business

We all know being an entrepreneur, and being overwhelmed in business can’t be experienced from time to time. I’m not talking about the same level you feel in your nursing job, with a lot of things to do and patients to care for. It’s a different kind of feeling, but I completely understand either way because I still feel this with my work as a nurse and my writing business. A lot of things are unpredictable, and it can be exhausting.
Freelancing can be a strange career option. There are certain challenges as well as opportunities in this profession. There is obviously a great demand for freelance writers at present. In fact, it can be extremely hectic for some freelance writers to manage their workload since overwhelming sets in with work that it becomes difficult to maximize productivity. However, the following tips can be helpful in ensuring a better freelancing experience and reducing the overwhelm in business for those associated with writing business.
So let’s start by saying NO is okay. Many of us have income goals for our business this year, and if you don’t, I think you really should. I know, even if you’re starting and you don’t know where you can go with this. Just think about how much you want to make a month, a year, or what you can to supplement the health job you have. Whatever yours is, you need to have an income goal.
5 Tips on Reducing Overwhelm in Business

But don’t overfill your cup with too many assignments. Taking in too much work is gonna stress you out. And you won’t be able to give your best work. Remember, you want to be able to use your client’s work as samples for the next one. I know the money can be tempting but ask yourself if you can do it now. Always know your limits.

Learning to PRIORITIZE is second. As a writer, small or big projects can co-inside with each other. Focus on mapping it out if it’s personal or works stuff. Balancing these two is very important to enjoy the benefits of freelance life. The third is OUTSOURCING. You might think this is a bad idea, but if you are at risk of not meeting a deadline or quality is being affected. Meaning, outsourcing is a part of making your life a little easier.

The fourth tip is DON’T GET OVERWHELMED, you should understand that working at this pace is temporary, and don’t hesitate to step back because you don’t have to do everything if your heart is not into it. The last tip is to PLAN IT. When you have a lot to do, it’s always useful to plan your days and divide big tasks into smaller ones. Listen to previous episodes, this is one of the best productivity tips I’ve discussed!


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