48: Money Mindset Shift and Ways to Value Yourself During These COVID-19 Times with Dr. Joy Lere

Your clients are not going to value you more than you value yourself. You need to be centered on that and convey that confidently and unapologetically.

Let’s talk about a proper money mindset and how it can save you during this pandemic! Today, my guest is Dr. Joy Lere, a psychologist, consultant, speaker, and writer who practices at the intersection of behavior and business, specializing in work on the merger of money and mind. Dr. Lere has previously served as an Associate Clinical Professor of Clinical Psychology at George Washington University and has held clinical and research positions at Children’s National Medical Center, Penn Medicine Princeton Health, and the Department of Defense.

Shifting Your Money Mindset

She has lots of value to offer to all of you today.

  • She said we are selling ourselves short with our rates, and we’re not valuing our services as nurse writers.
  • She shared that after over a decade of working with smart right intelligent driven motivated individuals that regardless of what their presenting concern was, oftentimes, money was a part of the picture. Financial stress was one of the things they were experiencing.
  • Dr. Joy stated that when it comes to money management, we were shaped by our own unique money stories and experiences.
  • One of the reasons she’s passionate about having the right money mindset is because she didn’t grow up with much at all. However, money was talked about, and she learned about money and investing.
  • She recognized that because she was comfortable with financial communication earlier, it impacted how she planned, budgeted, and invest as an adult, which helped her to be confident and value herself.

Start valuing yourself-your time, your energy, and be clear on setting boundaries.

  • I mention the mindset of money abundance vs money scarcity.
  • I love to hear that we have made our money mindset when we were growing up, but we can change it.
  • One encouraging lesson she shares is that you should think that you have something of value to give.
  • She mentions the “menu” concept for your services as well! I loved this! Role models in her life for her business, Dr. Dodini.


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