46: Make Money as a Freelance Writer: Try These 7 Outside of the Box Strategies

Sometimes, making money as a freelance writer isn’t always what you want to do, even if it’s what you ARE. A writer can do a LOT of things on the side that doesn’t JUST focus on writing.

7 Outside of the box ways I make money as a freelance writer

I always say, just like if you ate too much cake, you’d eventually get sick of cake, writing is the same way.

I have seen it in nursing too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE delivering babies, but it’s not ALL I do. If it were all I did, I would get sick of it. (I know who can get sick of delivering babies).

In this episode, I dive into how to diversify what you do as a writer into different areas of creativity aside from making your own money as a freelance writer. You might be having second thoughts like if you’re ready to do that or you might not be. When I started in 2015, I was only a writer.  The reason I got into writing is that I like writing; that is what I wanted to do. I started out with blog writing, article writing, and content writing, where I make a few thousand a months. 

Now I diversified my income stream a little bit more to make a passive and active income. It is important to have both active and passive income because you’ll never know when clients are gonna go away or when budgets are going to change. 

These options of different income streams give you the opportunity to make money as a freelance writer and enjoy other things. One of the first things I start with is the passive income streams that I have. I have two of them, one is the book that I sell on Amazon called EntrepreNURSE: 30+ Plus Nurses Turned Into Business Owners and Share Their Secrets To Success. The second one is my course- Plan, Create, Launch, Land, and Grow your Health Writing Business which is available for purchase all the time. Eventually, I would love to make money with this podcast, but for now, it just costs me when I make it. I haven’t gone in that route yet. I have to build it up a little bit and get more traffic. 


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Social Media Management

Social Media Management – You should be a niche type of person when it comes to this because each social media platform is different. 


Editing can also be a good idea. If you enjoy editing, then get paid for it and make it one of your services. After all, this is what other freelancers and companies want, so might as well make money out of it. 

Guest Blogging

Another gig I recommend if you really want to make money as a freelance writer! A lot of sites don’t pay for guest contributors, but if you’re going to be a paid contributor, why not do it. 

Affiliate Sales

You can just put your affiliate link in your content, and if someone clicks on it, you get money. 


When I first became a freelance writer, I didn’t really understand the concept of this because why would I write something I don’t even get known for. Ghostwriting is providing content but not getting credit for it. 

Other Work

The last and the seventh thing isn’t really a topic that is totally clear, but we’ll call it other work. This is using your writing skills in different areas. I wanted to share the different writing that I have done through courses for companies that are looking for CEU’s, web research, virtual assistant type of work, and write for a company that was looking for clinicians to write because they wanted the content to be medically accurate and web design. 

Use the skills you already have, and you can probably make money as a freelance writer. Always keep your mind and service line open. Try to get your client on the phone because that’s when you’re gonna be able to discover their needs. 


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