What Happened When I Tried a “Miracle Morning” Routine

What Happened When I Tried a “Miracle Morning” Routine

What Happened When I Tried a “Miracle Morning” Routine

I recently read Hal Elrod’s “Miracle Morning” book. It was inspiring, so I thought I would try it. He uses a concept called SAVERS

  • Silence/Meditation (10 min)
  • Affirmation (5 min)
  • Visualizations (5 min)
  • Exercise (40 min)
  • Reading (90 min)
  • Scribing (10 Min)

I loved the ideas. I went to different blogs reading how amazing this concept is and how highly successful people are practicing the miracle morning and becoming well off and feel amazing….so I HAD to try.

My Miracle Morning Experience

I have not consistently tried meditation in the morning. But, I did try it for about a week. Every single time I ended up feeling more tired and wanting to just sleep on the floor (one time I did doze off).

My Barriers

Maybe it’s a combination of being a mom running a business and working a part-time job, but when I get up I need to do something, and sitting on the floor breathing is not one of the things that my body needs to do. What does work for me? Getting up early. It’s one of my main pieces of advice especially for moms running their own businesses. Working out works for me. I like to work out right when I wake up, but oftentimes, I end up working out around nine or 10 o’clock a.m. The YMCA is close to my house. It’s a break between my morning work and my mid-morning work. That’s also when a lot of my Ymca classes start.

My Miracle Morning Takeaways

So, unfortunately, the miracle morning of meditating, journaling, praying, isn’t working for me. But, I will take away some of these great ideas and figure out a couple of tips for myself.

Tips I Will Try

Examining HOW I Feel that Day

  • Sometimes I wake up feeling tired
  • Sometimes I wake up with a headache
  • Sometimes I wake up very thirsty

I need to start listening to my body, going to bed earlier, and drink a big glass of water before my coffee in the morning.

Scheduling Date Nights Weekly (even if at home)

My husband is downright amazing. He lets me have time for my business and knows that I do so while taking care of our family. My clients are getting busier and work is getting more involved. My fear is leaving my husband in the dust. I suggested that he and I do some more date nights even at home to just reconnect.

Schedule Weekly To-dos with Kiddos

I started doing a research job with my friend and my sister and throughout the year. It’s been great because my kids are in school. But, summer is near and the kids are getting out of school. So, I have to schedule the research days as one day, and my sister and I are taking the kids every week to playtime or somewhere to make sure we schedule their time as well. It’s all about balance. Balancing our lives is a constant struggle because the needs of our families always change. My ideal workweek and hour of power are ways I keep balance in those areas. Have you tried a Miracle Morning? Have you read the book? What are some tips/takeaways you have? —

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