16: Mindset in Business — Abundance, Pirouettes, and the Fit Factor with Elizabeth Hanes, RN

As a nurse, you’ve got that inside knowledge that makes the content accurate, especially communication to healthcare consumers.

It’s a Masterclass on Mindset in Business! The guest, Elizabeth Hanes, talks about abundance, the client #fitfactor, and pirouetting vs pivoting.

When starting your business, everybody was telling you it would be a really good idea to find your niche, but now you find yourselves where we suddenly were asked to pivot! It doesn’t mean that you need to throw your idea out and start over. It’s a matter of your mindset in business and tapping into new skills you never thought you had!

Today in this episode, Carol and Elizabeth will drop some excellent ideas on how to tap into your own potential, shift into a positive mindset in business in a more clear direction, and how produce marketing content that connects with audiences while keeping the Google bot happy!

She started her career in PR and marketing and did a bunch of management. Then went back to school and became a nurse for several years. She realized that her favorite part of nursing is patient teaching. And she was frustrated with the limit on how many people she can teach in a day, so she went back to writing with encouragement from her late husband.

How to Have the Right Mindset in Business

Elizabeth believed in two guiding principles in pivoting in her career and business:

  • Abundance. Having the mindset in business that it is okay to charge for your writing and talent. A lot of people have a hard time believing that it’s acceptable to do.
  • Generosity. In terms of helping out other writers, she freely shares leads, tips, tricks, and tools because she will not be better without people who were generous with her when she was just starting.


woman typing sitting

The abundance of friends may seem like a good thing, but when it comes to wasting time or buying gifts, it can be overwhelming. Select the eye-level point or object in the room to return your eyes to. Changing your space mid-term can be disastrous! Spotting too slowly or with too much force can disrupt this speed. Pay attention to the musical rhythm of the twist and think of each rotation as a pearl of a necklace, each with its own distinct identity, defined by a spot.

You can have an abundance mindset and still be generous. Think of your business as a “Business.”

Elizabeth Hanes

Being able to put your body in the “right” position and being able to make minor adjustments during the turn, you know how to tie all the “physical pieces” together, and they all add to the mix. ۔Someone needs to feel a sense of energy when pushing downward in a strong helper leg while lifting the foot. From a physics standpoint, analyzes your parachute and what forces are needed to maintain your balance.

The direct and immediate action of the toe tip under the center of the toe body should be light and fast. The toe of the toe is stretching above the toe – both are moving along the heel, and the upper knee has raised a lot of noise.

A lot of freelancers, writers, and clinicians see themselves as an artist, which is fine, but you have to be a business person first. If you want to make a living off that, price your work accordingly. Always bear in mind that you deserve to be paid for your hard work and talent. There is no one way to price, and there is no right rate to charge. It’s all on you, but you have to be fair to yourself and to your client as well.

Elizabeth is a great writer and always, to me, seems to have all the right mindset in business figured out.

Connect with Beth:

Elizabeth Hanes RN is the nurse who knows content. As CEO of Hanes Healthcare Communications, she specializes in producing marketing content that forges an emotional connection with the target audience while also keeping the Googlebot happy.

Email – beth@haneshealthcontent.com


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