Meet Erica McNary

Meet Erica McNary, RN – Nurse to Profitable Health Writer

Meet Erica McNary

Meet Erica McNary – Nurse, Mom of 5, and Writer

I am Erica McNary, a registered nurse, mom of 5, and a writer. From the time I was old enough to ride my bike to the local library, I have been an avid reader. Writing became important to me later, after I had left my nursing job to be a stay-at-home mom. After my transition back to working at the bedside, I didn’t want to leave writing behind. 

Erica McNary as a Nurse and a Mom

I graduated from nursing school and landed my dream job in the NICU, met my husband in that unit when he was in residency, and worked there until we found out we were expecting our third child. My love of reading continued while at home with my young children. During that time I read a book series that inspired me to write my own fiction. As much as I loved my at-home mom life, after nearly a decade of being home, it was time to get back to nursing.

Although this was a great, albeit exhausting, transition, my new job in a pediatric dialysis unit, along with caring for five kids, left me little time for writing. I wanted to find a way to be able to work less hours at the bedside, still be able to write, but also make up for the income lost from working less hours at my hospital job. 

I researched graduate courses, certificate options, nurse blogging, and remote nursing positions. After many Google and Pinterest searches, I came across an article on a social media platform that listed ways nurses could make money away from the bedside. On the list was medical writing. Another bit of Google searching took me to I researched Janine’s course, started listening to her podcasts, and joined the Savvy Scribe Facebook group

The Game Changer

After being part of the Savvy Scribe Facebook group and receiving some writing jobs contracted through Janine, I used the money I had earned from the contract work to pay for the Plan, Create, Launch, Land, and Grow Your Health Writing course.

The course takes all of the guesswork out of starting your own writing business.

The Course is

  • Self-paced
  • Filled with easy to digest content
  • Provides everything you need to get started on your business immediately

Where’s she now?

Since completing Janine’s course, a month ago, I have developed a timeline for business goals for the next six months, including business entity completion and website and social media platform planning.

I also started drafting pitches and a letter of introduction to be sent to potential clients.

I have also continued to write pieces for clients through the Savvy Scribe, which has not only expanded my writing portfolio, but has also helped offset my childcare costs during my hospital shifts. 

When you become a part of the Savvy Scribe Collective and take the Plan, Create, Launch, Land and Grow course, you gain the mentorship of Janine Kelbach and the knowledge and experience she has gained through owning her own writing business. 

Erica McNary is a registered nurse in the dialysis clinic at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to her nursing career, Erica is a mom of five children, a lover of books, and can often be found in the kitchen cooking or baking a recipe from one of the numerous cookbooks in her collection, or from her most recent search on Pinterest.

You can also find Erica McNary on LinkedIn!