62: From Gig to Business – It’s a Mindset Shift

A mindset shift for business refers to a specific state of mind in which ordinates human conduct towards entrepreneurial activities and outcomes and those with entrepreneurial mindsets are often drawn towards opportunities, innovation, and new value creation.

This episode was a Facebook Live Event that I hosted. You might hear me talking to the audience during the show. We talk all things mindset (I know there’s another episode on this), and why mindset shift is SOOOO important.

Importance of Mindset Shift

  • What do I mean by mindset? What is it?
  • Why mindset shift is important to your business

4 Things you need to know about the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Tips to start switching your mindset

I talked about on the podcast before the whole business mindset, and that’s taking that away from your employee mindset from where you were as an employee and trying to change that thinking over to running your own business, and it is a big mindset shift. Many entrepreneurs will tell you how big that shift is.

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Other essential things I tackled:

  • What you need to know about changing that mindset is you have to know that it’s going to have both good and bad when it comes to decision making.
  • The other thing that you get to choose and this can be good and bad is when you work, it’s because you get to do whatever you want.

 4 Things you need to know about the Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • You have the decision to fight for your people. So if you have a team or if you have people you’ve outsourced to and you don’t like how it’s going, you have to be the bad guy to say, “you know what things aren’t working out? I have to let you go” and that is hard if you are a person who doesn’t like to be in that managerial world.
  • Yes, you do have to be self-motivated to succeed in your own business, and sometimes it’s really hard to do that. To find your motivation, you do your hardest thing or the most mind-draining first in the time of day. Do first the things that you don’t want to do.
  • You have to keep track and set some goals very often, and that’s going to be short-term goals and long-term goals. In your business, you’re studying those expectations and those goals. You have to then break that down into smaller chunks like quarterly, monthly, weekly, and then daily. So that you can plan out how you’re going to achieve those goals every day. This helps you to stay focused and it helps you to know what’s going to make you the income and what can you throw behind or what can you delegate.
  • The other thing you need to know is that you need to start loving math or numbers. You have to start loving that because for your business to succeed you have to be able to keep track of what you’re spending and keep yourself accountable for the money decisions you’re doing in your business. There are a lot of tools in the course that I have that’ll help you with that.

Tips for a less-overwhelming mindset shift

  1. Start to delegate some of your work. This means that you don’t have to do everything in your business, there might be a lot of things you want to do but think about all the things that you can do where you can take yourself out of.
  2. Keep learning new business skills.
  3. You need time to think. I call it thinking time.

I hope these mindset shift ideas help you today!

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