14: Losing the Biggest Client? Check Out These 6 Powerful Tips to Do!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

In today’s episode, we get real. We get real about what it’s like to lose an anchor client. The emotion, the pain, you name it. Janine gives you 6 Things you should do immediately after losing the biggest client.

6 Things You Should Do Immediately After Losing the Biggest Client

Well, it happened. You lost the biggest client. An Anchor Client. A client that you relied on for a steady income. A client you could easily rely on each month. Relying solely on the anchor clients’ routine work on your way may leave you in an uncertain financial position if and when it dissolves.

This podcast episode focuses on what to do when you lose the biggest client. Maybe you have received the email like this: “We are moving in the other direction,” and the client no longer needs your services. The hope is that you have given this client enough to keep you in mind for more projects.

In addition, some businesses may evaluate their budget and financial conditions during the financial year, which may result in a reduction in the funds allocated to your plan. Despite the terrifying idea, losing the biggest client is something that freelancers increasingly have to deal with.

Losing a job at your job can not only be a huge shock to your ego but can also be the hardest thing to deal with, at least emotionally. Losing the biggest client over your work doesn’t mean you’re a terrible writer. Other times, clients may reevaluate their results and change direction, requiring a different type of writer. If the issue is with the quality of your work, be sure to take any feedback into serious consideration.

Here are things you can do when you’re losing the biggest client:

  • Have time to evaluate your feelings but don’t panic. Let yourself feel sad, scared, or unsure, then move on with help from your people.
  • Run your numbers. Find out what you have made and your loss. When you figure that number, you’ll know where to cut back or how to make it up.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Have multiple clients because you never know.
  • Reach out, and let your network know what happens. Being in a group or your tribe is a great help when things get rough. Send them an email, text, or call, you’ll definitely be surprised how people can support you.
  • Go back on you and your business. Update your LinkedIn profile, publish a blog, and do things like that to get yourself OUT there.
  • Make a list of potential clients. Niche down and find that ideal client.
  • Make a plan and stick with it. Start to build your network again, and the work will come.


Lastly, go back to that client and ask them to write something to put on your work history and your website. This will help your next prospective client to understand you and know how awesome your work is! 

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