Episode 3: Overcome Loneliness as a Freelancer With These Five Suggestions

This episode will give you tips on how to overcome loneliness as a freelancer. Loneliness while working from home is a big issue for freelance writers because writing effectiveness totally depends on you and your mental presentation towards work. Tune in to hear Janine’s five suggestions to beat loneliness.

Overcome Loneliness as a Freelancer

These five suggestions can help you tackle isolation and become less lonely, and happier.

Suggestions are:

  • You can go to public places while working but if people distract you from working then find those areas where only working people are not close to you, like libraries, etc. Going to such places while working will not affect your work.
  • Join a networking group such as the Savvy Scribe Collective. You can try to find healthcare groups on Facebook and through other social media means so that you can get in touch with people of your niche and in the case of questions, you can contact them.
  • Plan a lunch date. It will make you come out from a routine at home.
  • Join a group of like-minded people. These people will help you to understand business strategies, ups, and downs that will come in the business, so you must have to choose and join such groups according to your business niche.
  • Meet people that have the same business sense or same lifestyle. It’s something like meeting up with your competitor. People who have the same mindset and lifestyle as you will help to understand the business and consequences that can affect your business.


Try some of these suggestions and they will help you overcome loneliness as a freelancer.


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