Linkedin for Business – Critical Things You Need To Know

Linkedin for Business – Critical Things You Need To Know

Linkedin for Business – Critical Things You Need To Know

Is LinkedIn right for you and your business?

When choosing social platforms for your business to focus on, many choose all of them. This usually leads to overwhelm and chaos. When choosing a social media platform for your business, you have to first look at your ideal client.

Though, when choosing a social platform, you want to choose one that works not only for your clients but for you. This is why today I am writing about LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, I believe, is a platform everyone who has a business should be a part of. It’s a platform to connect with a network of thought leaders with like-minded specialty interests. You can help elevate one another and see what the latest trends are within your industry.

Making your Business Stand Out

When filling out a business profile for LinkedIn you have to remember a few key points to enhance your profile.

  • Fill out the profile in its entirety – Don’t forget to complete. You do not have to do it all in one day, but it is something you have to finish in order to be complete in LinkedIn’s eyes
  • Add a logo as a profile picture – For a business profile on LinkedIn, you have to represent the business, not you. Choosing a logo as your profile picture does this.
  • Link to your company website – You want to lead people to your website as much as possible, so adding your link here will do that.
  • Keywords – Think about what users search to find your business. It can be simple like your industry or specialty, but maybe if you are local to a major city, you include that as well.

Become Known

Like every social media platform, blog, or website, no one is going to find you if you don’t make yourself known. Engaging on LinkedIn is a way to get known on that platform.

Ways to Engage in LinkedIn

  • Ask questions in your update for people to respond to
  • Respond to other questions that you see in your feed
  • Follow a hashtag and engage in those conversations
  • Share blog updates by using LinkedIn Publisher
  • Use video to engage with your audience
  • Join groups or lead one

Becoming an established thought leader in your industry is a lot of work and not the goal of any company.

Many companies want to gather leads and create sales, healthcare practices want to gather patients and receive amazing feedback (same thing as sales to them).

Don’t ignore LinkedIn! It’s one of the most elevating platforms for networking and engagement! 

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