3 Oils for Aromatherapy to Fuel Productivity in the Workspace and Start Your Day Right

3 Oils for Aromatherapy to Fuel Productivity in the Workspace and Start Your Day Right

3 Oils for Aromatherapy to Fuel Productivity in the Workspace and Start Your Day Right

Unfortunately, Americans spend a lot of their time working. If you have a space to work, it’s important for it to be an inviting one. Oils for aromatherapy can help with that. You can always make it a space of focus, enhance your mood, or create a productive and purified place to work.

A few disclaimers before my content:

  1. I am not an aromatherapist. I have used essential oils in my home and with my patients for a more calming labor.
  2. I recommend asking your boss if you can diffuse oils in the office because some offices of work may not like this idea. The beauty of working from home is that you can do whatever you want because it’s YOUR home!

The Best Oils for the Work Day

When I started using oils, I struggled with a recipe. I don’t like cooking without one and oils to me are like that. Here’s a quick guide.


Having a rough morning? The kids can’t seem to find their shoes and your spouse woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Before you dig into work, try diffusing these oils.


Aroma – sweet citrus, clean, and refreshing

Benefits – The orange seems to be the key ingredient in this oil blend to help purify and boost your mood!


Aroma – the scent is light with the potential to become overwhelming if you use too many drops.

Benefits – Mood enhancer to those who enjoy the smell of fresh flowers (are there people who don’t love the smell of flowers?)


Aroma – This is one of my favorites to smell. I love the scent of lemon.

Benefits – This oil helps open your mind, helping you feel more energetic!



Aroma – strong, uplifting, fresh. The aroma is strong so make sure you dilute it well to enjoy.

Benefits – Rosemary provides a stimulating scent that affects the mind and memory as well. This oil is often used in the classroom for children who require deep concentration. Also, it has been shown that rosemary can reduce cortisol levels and boost performance and mood!


Aroma – If you love the smell of toothpaste or a candy cane, this scent is for you!

Benefits – According to a study from the University of Cinncinati, peppermint helps with mental accuracy!


Aroma – the scent is warm and “cinnamon like”

Benefits – Brings peace and homelike feel to the office. It’s a great oil to blend over the holiday season.



Aroma – The light, soothing scent of lavender is floral and calm

Benefits – Lavender brings a mild sedative effect creating a relaxing work environment, and perfect for winding down at the end of the day.

Are there Really Benefits to Essential Oils?

Aromatherapy is a practice that has been used since the 1930s, but even before that the ancient Egyptians were using aromatherapy in burning incense with wood, herbs, and spices!

Who says medicine is the only way to treat diagnoses? Ofcourse I believe in medication to treat medical diagnostic conditions, but as a mother with anxiety and two sons who also have anxiety, we use oils in our home. Do they help? Some days, but some days not. It helps my home smell clean and refreshing without throwing chemicals into the air.

Do you use a diffuser? I use a diffuser and the oils I am loving (at my budget) is from Edens Garden. I purchased a bunch of over the holidays for my relatives.

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