85: Let’s put 2020 behind us — But first, hear this.

The worst year ever. 
Was it? 
Not for The Savvy Scribes. 🙂

The doors for the Implementation Co-Op are closing December 31, 2020, at 11:59 EST!

They will not open until at LEAST April.

Refecting on 2020 and my story

Going back to the first quarter.
I decided to launch the Plan, Create, Launch, Land and Grow Your Health Writing Course.

I learned how to create a course, learned to script the content in order to add to the course. I also learned to find a great platform from the start to host it.

I also connected with Catherine Burger who was able to help me provide CEUs for those who are taking the course. 

I added a new workbook and digital planner for those course students.

Guests on the podcasts! I have learned SO much from them. I took a challenge to find guest.


Podcasts I was able to be on 🙂

I thrive to keep doing this show based on reviews.

Second-quarter, I was able to host a live workshop which was amazing!
Then, COVID-19 hit. I had to pivot and I cover how I did that.

I started doing more of a project management side and subcontract with nurses. I also hired a great VA and I pivoted to an agency model. I brought on 2 editors.

In the middle of the second quarter, I landed Registerednursing.org and Pfizer as a client.

I cover the number one thing that helped me pivot.

Also, I fell in love with ClickUp

In June, I joined a Mastermind Group with Deanna Gillingham and Sadie Gilson.

In 2021, we are starting the Implementation Co-op 🙂

After that, I have big ideas. I have a job board that’s starting now as part of the Insiders Group.

One of my biggest goals is to land more clients to help you write more.

My biggest goal I ever hoped for, I finally hit a goal I have been thriving for the last 5 years. Take a listen and find out what that was 🙂 


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