172: How to Simplify Content Creation with Jen Liddy

Remember our people/audience are on a journey they’re not at a place where your clients are that they can get what you’re talking about. They are just in the beginning stages and we need to meet them where they are and not where we want them to be.

Do you want to take the “Ugh” out of content creation? Today, we have Jen Liddy to share strategies to “easify” or simplify and make content creation fun!

Points to Listen for: 
  1. Step off the Content TREADmill: 5 steps to create & repurpose content with a simple system that fits your specific style.
  2. How to Stop Giving Away All the HOWs! A framework for content creation to connect & convert your audience – without burning you out!

About Jen Liddy

In 2013, Jen made a terrifying leap into entrepreneurship, learning everything the hard way. Now, as a content creation specialist, she helps personal brands step off the content creation treadmill and get out of the content chaos with strategies that make content fun and easy! 

And because of her background as a literature teacher, she can help people pull out their ideas and get them on paper, video, or voice for content creation so that they can start marketing themselves with content that feels like them. It’s like putting on a suit for you rather than trying other people’s systems or funnels. Everything she teaches is customizable to work for you!

5 Steps to Step Off the Content TREADmill

1. Avoid being an over-giverby our profession, we love helping and serving others and because of that we tend to give information to people that is more than they can process. We think that is helping them by doing so, but it’s the opposite. 

2. Try to scale back don’t let your audience feel they are out of capacity. Provide them breakdowns or basics for easier learning because sometimes it is what they need.

3. Make sure your content is easy to digest – people tend to tune you out if the content is too complicated.

4. Fish food method – give your audience little nuggets, blogs or longer content can be a bit boring. Try breaking them down, it’s lesser for you to do and easier to digest.

5. Don’t firehose your audience with information let your audience pick the information you share to avoid getting overwhelmed. Provide them with just the right amount of information so they can get back to you for more if they needed to.

Framework for Content Creation

PASA Framework 

P stands for Problem, Pain, Promise, and Potential. A scroll-stopping line that engages the person.

A stand for Agitate. If you don’t like the word agitate you can use the word excite, mirror, or reflect. You want to be specific in naming back to them the things that they are doing, thinking, and feeling.

S stands for Suggest. Provide an option, solution, or relief. Make them feel that they can do it.

A stand for Action or call-to-action. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying something, it could be a comment, share, or joining your group. The more you invite people to take action, they WILL take action.

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