52: How to Get Published with Paul Murphy

It’s always easier to critique versus to create. Continue to create because the creative side is awesome. Anybody can critique but it takes extra effort to produce something.

Paul Murphy is here with us today to answer questions like “where to start when you are new to writing?” and “how to get published?”

Paul Murphy and I met on LinkedIn not too long ago but have shared many laughs in our conversations leading up to today’s episode, good places to start on how to get published.

Paul is a paramedic turned teacher who then advanced himself to management and leadership throughout his career. Now, he writes and is a consultant. We cover a lot in this episode, so grab a pen!

A few things we talked about and a few tips to get published:

His background

He was originally trained as a paramedic many years ago. He used to teach and started writing early out in his career. Paul switched from the paramedic world to management and leadership roles and continued to write.

When and why did he start writing? (Nerd alert, haha)

He started when he was in his senior year in college. His college roommate asked him if he’d like to get published, and he agreed. They co-authored, submitted their work, and got feedback. The said experience triggered his passion for continuing writing and learning.

Where to start when you are new to writing and how to get published

Understand what you really want and then pursue it.

Paul Murphy

Know what you are really interested in and what you want to write on because that will make it easier to actually do research, to go out, and start putting articles together. Find out where you want to consider writing. Do you want to do a textbook chapter or a journal? What industry are you in?


thoughtful woman writing in notebook at home

To get published, you have first to find a publisher by going to any store that has a magazine or books and looks then sign up with the publisher. From there, you have to do your homework and go to their website and find out what they want.

It’s really you taking the initiative if you are persistent in getting published. You might also consider a colleague that is actually writing or a writing club in your town. Go visit them and talk to them for advice or two.

If you don’t try you’ll never know.

Paul Murphy
Redlines, Redlines, Redlines (oh, those editors!)
  • Accepted (where you do a happy dance, lol!).
  • Redlines (where you get the article back to do some modifications and the like)
  • Rejected (where you have to try again)
Where to find clients

He shared that his clients are mostly from healthcare and a lot of management side of things. He shared that to find clients, mostly it’s the combination of him looking and also as you get your name out there, you may be contacted by another publisher.

Where Paul is transitioning in his writing for a fun side

He also shared with us the best advice someone gave to him. “Protect your house and keep your business separate.”

We mention the episode with Sharon: https://savvynursewriter.com/2020/02/04/episode-39/ when we were talking about networking.

You can find Paul on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulmurphy5280/ and on his website.


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