167: Habits to Set You Up for Success with Tammy Johnston

Efficient is doing well and quickly; effective is doing the right thing.

In today’s podcast, we are joined by Tammy Johnston, a business coach with over 20 years of experience under her belt. The best person to talk to (and listen to) about habits to set you up for success! 

About Tammy Johnston

For over 20 years, Tammy has been working with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to help them build sustainable and successful businesses. She began her career in financial services in 1993 and founded The Financial Guides in 2002. Then in 2019, she decided to split the company in two. The Financial Guides handles all aspects of personal finance, whereas KSA Business will concentrate completely on business instruction and coaching.

Tammy believes that business done right, honestly, ethically, and morally has the power to make the world a better place for customers, family, and community. 

Key points you don’t want to miss: 

  • Concept of Kaizen
  • How to plan annually and weekly
  • What to do when writing
  • Why you need to stick to your schedule
  • What you can do to have extra time with your kids
  • Setting goals
  • Pitching your business
  • How to make relationships for your business

Habits To Set you Up for Success

1. The concept of Kaizen – Do the things daily or weekly that move you and your business forward.

“Kaizen” is a Japanese word that roughly translates to constant or ongoing improvement. 

2. Annual Planning – Set a goal for the year and how you can make it happen.

3. Weekly Planning – Before the start of the week check your calendar to see what are you working on currently, what projects need to work on, and set appointments. You can do this on Fridays or Sundays to fit it into your schedule. 

“The more visual you can make things the easier it is.” Tammy 

4. Lay out what you need to talk about – When writing newsletters, social media, or articles, laying it out lessens your stress, makes you excited about the topic, and gets you in the flow of doing it. 

5. Stick to your weekly or daily plan – You can make progress faster in a shorter period because you already know what to do going into that day. It also gives enough time to enjoy your quality time with your kids and family. 

6. Set up a Family meeting – Make a habit of setting up a meeting on Sundays to talk about what’s coming up in the week or if you want to have plans on going somewhere to have fun. 

7. Teach your children how to do things on their own – As moms and business owners we need to prepare our kids to be capable. This can save you time (giving you at least an hour or so to do your task) and at the same time make sure that our kids are growing up to be responsible adults in the future. 

8. What to do in Setting goals – When you set your goal it needs to match what you do in your week because if you keep on getting distracted you will not meet your goal.

9. Are you doing the money-making? – Pitching your business is scary it can either paralyze you or excite you. If you let your fear win you’ll be stuck and won’t move forward. 

10. Build relationships – Start making conversations or sharing things so people trust you and make them remember or find you if they need your business or your services.

Check out Tammy on Instagram! → @ksa.business or visit her website ksabusiness.ca.


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