192: 3 Time and Money-Saving Ghostwriting Tips with Dr. Cindy Childress

Today’s episode is about ghostwriting tips with my guest, award-winning book writer, Dr. Cindy Childress. If you’d love to consider this niche, join us to hear her 3 time and money-saving tips today!

About the guest:

Dr. Cindy Childress is an expert ghostwriter and book editor for entrepreneurs who want to write books that make money and impact. Her business, Childress Communication, won two Gold Awards with the International Business Awards 2021, Company of the Year in Business or Professional Services and Company of the Year in Media and Entertainment. Her clients got on to achieve bestseller status, give Ted Talks and win book awards, sign book deals, and more!

What’s inside this episode!

  • 3 time and money-saving tips
  • How Dr. Cindy pursued writing
  • How she entered entrepreneurship
  • How the process of book writing works
  • Important questions to ask when writing a book
  • What are ghostwriting interviews

Connect with Dr. Cindy!




Visit her website, https://cindychildress.com/


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