24: Freelance Writer Niches — Are There Riches in Niches?

You have to put the notations dedicating your business to a very specific type and it is the best way to maximize your profits.

Are you working for cost clients or value clients? Freelance writer niches are what we’re talking about.

In this episode, Carol is talking all about cash clients vs value clients. Does your client value your work? 

These actionable tips will help you distinguish your cash vs value clients (and how to get rid of them). 

She also shares a story of her journey with Janine about their own cash vs value clients and how “Free”lance might be where it starts….it’s time to find some profitable writing niches.

Freelance Writer Niches

In the entrepreneurial circle, the common expression is “The riches in the niches.” It has no worth if you talk about freelance writer niches, but without pronunciation, it can be a little confusing. Even with it, what is meant by this? Simple – you have to put the notations dedicating your business to a very specific type, and it is the best way to maximize your profits.

The logic behind this is super simple: the more specific you are in your targeting, the more effective your marketing becomes and the more profitable your business grows. Many entrepreneurs struggle to grow their business because they are very clear about their specific freelance writing niche and about that what they are providing to their ideal client.

Now, many freelancers make a mistake. What did they do? They just provide different services, each targeting a different type of client, and in the end, what happens? Their clients are diversified. And the second mistake they do that they are having a specific service that would be highly targeted but marketing it to a very broad level for fear of missing out on sales.

The end result of both the mistakes you made is that your marketing target becomes generic. It has to be because you are aiming it at an audience of such diversity that making it specific would alienate a huge chunk of the people you are targeting.  In the case of the market, it is quite different. Marketing works best when you connect with your prospects on a very deep level, with a unique message that would attract your ideal client to you.

So, it is good to be rich in freelance writer niches, but your niche must be specific and unique, in which you are providing those services that are unique and can attract your ideal client. Keep in touch with us for further podcast episodes.


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