107: Tips to Overcome Your Fear in Creating a Blog Post with Rebecca Fox

The more enthusiastic you are about your subject, the more excited your readers will be when they read it.

We have Rebecca Fox as our guest today. She has been an entrepreneur for the past fifteen years and a content creator for the last ten. She has written over 5000 blogs, hundred pieces of web copy and a dozen more eBooks. She is a consultant for TV shows and online training programs. She also owns Quatrefoil Creation, a content creation agency.

Take a listen today as she teaches us a step-by-step process for creating a piece in a professional way. Surely after this you will not be scared in creating a blog post.

Steps in Creating a Blog Post

1. Have a Good Topic

When you are writing for your portfolio and have control over what to write about, start with something you are good at. Choose topics you would want to read. The more enthusiastic you are about your subject, the more excited your readers will be when they read it.

2. Coming up with a Great Title

The blog title needs to be as click-worthy as possible and make people actually read it. A title can have a significant effect on how an audience interprets the blog post. SEO platforms are a bit pricey. You can try Google and type in your topic and see what the first three suggestions are. From here you will know what people are interested in or what might be trending.

Tips to Overcome Your Fear in Creating a Blog Post

3. Write an Outline For Your Post

Great blog posts don’t just appear out of nowhere. Also the most professional bloggers need a rough plan to keep them on track. Here’s where outlines come in handy when creating a blog post.

To begin, write down your ideas and organize them into some kind of structure. An outline doesn’t have to be long or detailed – it’s just a rough guide to ensure you don’t go all over the place and ramble something off topic. It’s critical just to make sure you have the information that you need for the topic.

4. Filling it In

Now you have the title and the outline, it’s time to fill it in. It is important to have the right tone in creating a blog post. Put links and sources – two to five is good but seven is an overkill.

Include nice cover photos or pictures (that look professional) throughout to give your audience an insight of what you’re trying to tell them. People also lack the time, will, or ability to concentrate on long blog posts without some visual input. You can go to CanvaUnsplash and Pixabay for free images.

5. Finally, Post it!

Check the flow of your post by reading it aloud, or have someone else read it and provide feedback. Edit and click post!

Blogging is one of those tasks that seems to be easy before you really get to do it. It does, however, get simpler with time and practice, and you’ll be creating a blog post like a pro in no time.

Tools For Writing:

Google Docs

You can generate and update text documents right in your web browser with no special software needed. Much better, many people can function at the same time, you can see other people’s updates as they happen, and any update is instantly saved. It can be accessed anywhere and everywhere.

You can find Rebecca at: Quatrefoil




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