9: Business Mindset: From Gig to Business with Tricia Chaney

Your business mindset should be set to strategies that are strong enough to grow your business for the long term.

Learn freelancing strategies honed by a seasoned professional.  This action-packed episode with Tricia Chaney will transform the way you get work done as a high-performing health writer! A business mindset is the new psychology of success in business.

In this podcast episode, we will see how to build the right business mindset with our guest, Tricia Chaney. Tricia started from scratch in the field of healthcare market writing. Gig jobs are a low-risk way to raise money and the business skills entrepreneurs need to launch a business. So, let’s see how we can start a great business mindset to transform a gig into a profitable business successfully.

Business Mindset with Tricia

As a freelancer, it is important to make relationships because, as we all know, today’s era is the era of social media. Anyone will be smart if he or she has a strong relationship or a connection to the community. If you are starting as a freelancer, you must build the strategies that can raise your business to the next level because, as a beginner, you need the time of 3-4 years to grow.


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Your business mindset should be set to strategies that are strong enough to grow your business for the long term. Your goal should be to cover all the areas, not to cover a single area, because catching an audience is very difficult and if you are able to do that your business will grow in the long-term.

At the beginning, you have to face criticism but take that criticism in a way so that you can develop your skills because as a writer you just need some strategies, plans and brainstorming the data to make your content attractive, also unique.


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