7: Nursepreneur and Author Janine Kelbach


Today on The Savvy Scribe, Carol Bush interviews an author, nursepreneur, freelance writer, researcher, and OB/GYN Nurse, and the previous Operations Manager for the Healthcare Marketing Network, Janine Kelbach. Did we mention that Janine is also married, a mom, and has two Great Danes? There must be eating and sleeping in her life but we sure can’t figure out when!

Meet Author and Nursepreneur Janine Kelbach on This Episode of The Savvy Scribe

Janine has taken her business from the bedside to her home. She started as a labor and delivery nurse but always felt a loss of creativity.

I don’t know that people know it, but the thing to learn is that Zoom is actually a great tool that we need to keep each other accountable in our meetings, not just collaborative and virtual meetings. We use it to record our podcast episodes, and we get to see each other. I know, and I think work is the biggest part of being a BFF and accountability partner.

Before we dive into the full potential of accountability and the power of your own watch, you are known in the script community, you know. Janine, I would love for you to tell us a little bit about your story. As a freelance writer, why do you want to start your own business, and what motivates you to become a nursepreneur?

The best and most important part related to accountability is how we take action. An important thing about work is how you start work and what steps you are going to use to accelerate your work. Productivity related to a task meant a lot. Here are some tips from an awesome nursepreneur that you can keep in mind for productivity:

Write down what you are thinking. Do your difficult task first. Take breaks to feel fresh.

When you start something new, no one helps you but sometimes tells you you can’t do it, even your family. Continue your work so that you can focus, and one day you will surely succeed. Having an entrepreneur or business of your own, you just have to focus on who is your ideal client and what services you are going to pay your ideal client.

Janine’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/writernjanine/

Janine’s NursePRENEUR Book:

Episode 7 – Nursepreneur and Author Janine Kelbach



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