47: Tips on Staying Healthy and Growing a Business with Emily Countryman

Sometimes we know what we want, we know we can do it, we just need somebody else to say it.

Today’s guest is Emily Countryman. She is here with us to talk about all things related to losing weight as a nurse and growing a business.

Emily is from Washington where she has grown up in an entrepreneurial family (she even shares her first job as a kid). As early as a child she knew she’s gonna be an entrepreneur. Growing up she developed a passion for health and wellness with having experience of working as a chiropractor for about ten years.

She now owns 6 weight loss centers for Idealwellness.com (follow on IG as @idealwellnesswa + shiftsetgo.com.

She now owns 6 weight loss centers for Idealwellness.com + shiftsetgo.com.

Staying Healthy and Growing a Business


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Some of the topics we tackle:

How to start growing a business

Some people may have a fear of launching that is paralyzing them, but some fears are healthy and if you have it, go for it. Stop overthinking and stop overanalyzing things. Like a Nike kind of thing- Just do it!

You can go ask someone that you trust for advice, it might be a friend or a family. You can also look for a mentor to help you feel reassured and motivated.

Don’t be afraid to seek suggestions from people who are a little further ahead of you in business because people who have been there are gracious with advice. Also, don’t be afraid of asking people you don’t know who are in a similar industry but are not a competitor. People who have been there loved to help those who are starting out. There are a lot of communities where you can ask for advice that will not cost you anything.

How you can add health coaching as an RN

Do the research and go to a health coaching school. Speaking from experience, Emily did a lot of research and found the Institute of Integrated Nutrition that offers a year-long program that you can do online while having a 40-hour job. A lot of the coaches that she employs at the clinic have gone to the Institute of Integrated Nutrition as well. The IIN is a common school, but there may be a lot more that offers health coaching programs now since 2014.

Tips to stay or get fit as a busy nurse, parent, spouse, business owner, etc., etc.

Cut out sugar as best as you can. Not just by not eating a donut or a cookie but by really looking at the ingredient of all of your foods. Little things from the ketchup to the condiments to the pretzels. You have to be educated, and you have to know what is in your food. Cut out that sugar and be more aware of it.

Drink MORE water. Two things together would dramatically increase somebody’s health.

You can schedule a virtual coaching with them to achieve your weight goals. This is the real program that you might be looking for to help you kick either the stubborn 15 pounds to lose or you have a more dramatic goal to lose, a hundred or two. If you tried to cut out some sugar before and tried a little diet here and there and not just working,  it’s probably because you are missing that coaching component.


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