35: Batching Work — The Optimal Way to Productivity

Batching work is simply a form of time management that allows a person to maximize concentration and decrease distraction as a result it increases your productivity, creativity, and mental sharpness while decreasing fatigue, procrastination, and stress. Batch processing is a group of similar tasks that requires similar resources in order to streamline their completion.

Today I bring you tips for batching work, from your life to your business, what to do (and stop doing) to make your processes a streamlined effort to get things done.

Batching Work to Achieve Productivity

I dive into topics like the Pomodoro technique (tomato-timer.com), my hour of power concept, making lists for life batching like cooking, cleaning, going to the gym, and how to do it around working 12-hour shifts, how I use Instacart and Walmart grocery to save me time in my week. I also dive into the business side of things like how I use batching work in writing, podcasting, client work, and emailing.

  • The Pomodoro technique – will effectively help you in getting things done. You can have a twenty-five minutes focus time and a short break or a long break. Personally, depending on the project I can have an hour of focus time and not have to stop.  It depends on what you wanna do on that break.

How I Use Batching in Life

  • Cooking – I plan my meals, I plan for the length of time to make them, pick which days we’re gonna eat what, and do grocery shopping.
  • Grocery Shopping- I write down. I order groceries online and have them delivered via Instacart. It saves me a lot of time.
  • Cleaning- every day, I do fifteen minutes of cleaning. I wipe down the counters and sweep the floor.
  • Going to the Gym – it’s scheduled, so I get there.

How I Use Batching in Business

  • Writing
  • Podcast batching – I record podcasts because I’m already in the application because I’m already set to go.
  • Editing – Not recording only editing
  • Research
  • Client Work – I will do research, draft it, write and submit it to my client
  • Email – you might email about a client, you might email a potential client about a new project, follow up with another client proposal, etc.


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The first thing you have to stop is multitasking because it will not help you to achieve your goals or in getting things done. If you are working on a project, at the same time, you have to do other tasks, and you do such a task in taking a short break, then your focus will be distracted. After 25- 30 minutes of working on the project, you began to think about the pending work.

Consider batching work to save time, and remove mental stress to achieve productivity.

The author of the email 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferris, claims he has received more than 300 emails per hour during his book seller’s climb to the top. Nevertheless, he replies to the email once a day. What is your excuse?


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