29: Ready to ditch your nursing job? Here’s some advice before you do.


Savvy Scribes! Welcome to this episode all about “ditching the nursing job!” Now, those who know me know that I never say “leave” your job right way. This episode will help you assess if it’s time, and the steps to take to get there.

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Time to ditch the nursing job?

If you are thinking of transitioning from a nursing job to another, then this episode is for you. In this podcast, we will discuss all the things about leaving your current job. We know that you might not want to do that but hold on and let us tell you why we are saying this. We will tell you how you will take these steps, at least as a part-time job. So, today we have the best coach that also left their job (part-time).

First, you need to think about what is holding you back from pursuing a nursing job. Is that income, time flexibility, or any other thing that is holding you back just think about it? You have to think about your expenses because clients will come and go. If you are not consistent with that…I don’t know how you will be going to manage it.


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