23: Need More Time? The Process to Streamline from a Paper to Digital Planner

Today we will talk about some tools and tips to streamline from a paper to a digital planner.

Paper or Digital Planner?

The first fact about pen and paper is that it is just simple and faster. When I have to write something about any topic or anything, I just use pen and paper because of its convenient and easy use.

The second thing about pen and paper is that there is less distraction in that. As we are using a laptop or computer, open one thing, but we are not using only that thing. We just use everything that can distract your mind from original work. So, in the case of paper and pen, there is no such case. If we have a piece of paper and one thing we have done, then we can use that thing for different purposes.

The third thing is I prefer paper because you can learn more by using a piece of paper. Suppose, you are listening to these podcasts, I will suggest that if you are making notes then don’t use the laptop for that just have a handwritten notes.

But if we talk about a digital planner, then it is much more secure than a paper. You can keep those things in it. Using a digital planner, you can schedule your meetings and can have the remainder of your important events. For that, I will go to google calendar and then add it to my notebook on my laptop, and that will be automatically attached or synced to your Google calendar.

By having a digital planner, you can add all the things that you have done in a week, or you want to do on other days. So, we can say that we can use this as a remained or memory saver for many important occasions. Adding on paper instead of a digital planner is easy, but changes cannot be made on paper. Once you have done adding on the digital planner, you have to press done, and as you want to change it, change and then again done. It will automatically make changes to your data.

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