17: Preparing for the Freelance Famine

It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know now.

8. Create a Package Services. A wonderful way to let your client know about all the services you offer. Bundle your services that clients can book with predictable and recurring revenue. 

9. Start Co-working. Build a strong connection with people who are in your co-working space. You can find a co-working space by searching on Google!

10. Always offer Advice on Health. This is a long-term strategy to find new clients and help people who are connected to prospective clients. Offer ideas, introduction, or help them in any way with their business. Building relationships over time will always pay off. 

11. Send Hand Written Note. This is a nice personal touch that lets people know that you truly care. 

12. Answer Questions on Quora. Find questions, then write thoughtful answers and link to your portfolio website. Do this a few times a week, and you’ll be surprised by the connection you will make. 

13. Create a Presentation. Make an engaging presentation and this on your LinkedIn profile for social shares and new leads.

14. Write a Guide. You can showcase your expertise on a specific topic with this guide to drive traffic and capture leads.

15. Case Study. This can show a prospective client your results. 

16. Speaking on Local Events. A great way to attract some visibility. Reach out to organizers about speaking and backup it up your skills. 

17. Create Your Own Seo Strategy. This is a long-term strategy to drive targeted traffic to your own company website, but consistency is the key.

18. Partner with None Competing Colleagues. Look for these people and offer your services as an expansion of their business. 

I hope these strategies help new and experienced health writers land more clients! Choose one. Make a Plan. and take action! Are there more strategies you’d like to share with us that help you build your clientele? We would love to hear from you!

Resources mentioned on the show that will also help you build your clientele:


5 Ways to Get Through a Freelance Famine

1. Pitching. We go back to this one all the time, but you can pitch in a variety of ways. Send a letter of introduction on a competitor of the client you lost or go through topics with a different niche. The important thing is you pitch in every way you can.

2. Look at your Website. Maybe it’s time for you to do some updating, look at your website, add the things that you wanted to do when you lack the time, or just about anything that reflects who you are and your services.

3. Find your Tribe. Find people who are like-minded like you. People get in jobs because they know people, so look around to network on whatever platform that is.

4. Online Presence. Choose the social platform where your clients are, or choose the one where a tribe can be and focus on that. Start to let yourself know to be a thought leader in your area of expertise.

5. Never Stop Learning. Look for courses or webinars, or maybe you need to renew your license. This is the time you can use to learn and update your knowledge.

Freelance famine is real. We all know it can be scary and unsure, but that’s okay, don’t mope. You’ll find new clients, it won’t take forever, but it does take perseverance.


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