13: Google Strategy Every Freelancer and Client Should Know: EAT + Free Download!

Welcome Savvy Scribes to another podcast episode! Today, Carol and I will talk all about a strategy we want to bring forth for you! EAT! And we also have an awesome freebie for you too!

EAT Google Strategy Explained!

EAT? Eat what? No, no not food. Though, if you want, grab a snack and sit down for this one. Janine and Carol are explaining all about this Google EAT strategy, what it means, who it’s for, and why health companies need to consider it.

Carol has been working on a client proposal, and she stumbled upon a recent Google update to what they call Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. These are guidelines meant to share with people what quality looks like according to Google’s algorithm. The clients are writing about health-related information, and they are marketing directly to a consumer. They told her that because some of their content is not written or reviewed by a healthcare professional. As a result, there is a great reduction in their Goggle EAT Rating. That led her to do intensive research about it.

Google Release Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines in 2015

EAT is an acronym for:

Expertise – Are they an expert on the topic? Do they have the credentials, if necessary, to back that up, and is this information available to read on the website?

Authoritativeness – This refers to the creator, the content itself, and the website on which it appears. “Authoritativeness” means having generally recognized authority. People know you, know your background, and look to you as a leader in your industry. They accept you as a good source of information.

Trustworthiness – Being a trustworthy expert and source means people can trust you to provide honest, true information that is accurate.

In this Google update, they were demonstrating that those are 3 characteristics of high-quality content, especially for websites or industries that are tagged as YMYL or “Your Money or Your Life.” Websites we are writing or sharing content that deals with life-changing decisions like health and financing industries. Those are really where the EAT ratings are critical. 

It is beyond cute words and SEO, this is nothing to do with any of that. It is important for all of us because it can help us find information or people that are credible, trustworthy, and an answer to what we are looking for. That’s the big idea behind all of this! It gives your customers the right knowledge, and that’s a huge thing in the healthcare network.

How EAT Can Be Establish

Google takes this very, very seriously. Experts with relevant expertise need to write or review the content.

There are two types of expertise:

1. Formal – this is people that are in health-related Medical, Financial, and Legal Industries

2. Everyday Expertise – this could be people that share their own life experiences

It is critical that in money, you need to make sure that Formal Expertise is present in your money, life, and legal industries/brand.

In the downloadable, it’s not just about your content creation but about enforcing trust and focusing on your audience. User expectations of search are always changing, and Google needs to keep up to stay relevant.

And so do you.

Carol and I love to hear from you after using the EAT downloadable! Leave us a message!


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