11: From 0 to 6 Figure Nurse in Less Than a Year with Ashley Hay, RN

Seeking self-identity is NOT limited to the coming age period; it can reevaluate throughout periods of our life.

Ashley Hay, RN started her freelance journey to supplement her nursing income. She built her freelance business from 0 to 6 figures! It’s a journey worth knowing! Take a listen as she walks us through her path to be a 6 figure nurse! 

Ashley shares her inspiring journey from being 0 to 6 figure nurse in less than a year

In this podcast episode, From 0 to 6 Figure Nurse in Less Than a Year, we talk with Ashley Hay, who is a registered nurse and healthcare freelance writer. We will share her story and ask for some tips from her regarding healthcare freelance writing.

How Ashley starts her journey

Ashely started her freelance journey with the intent to increase her nursing income. With perseverance, her innate talent, and the creativity on how to use her knowledge, she has achieved this financially and then some! She walked through the path of six figures and conquers it with grace.

First and foremost, Ashely is an experienced Oncology nurse and her love for this profession is inspired by the professional yet friendly relationship between her father and his oncology nurse. From a young age, she was already interested in reading and writing although she thought it was not a realistic career to pursue.

In high school, she was diagnosed with Primary Immune Deficiency, and fast forward as she worked very long shifts, she started getting very ill. It became too difficult to be a bedside nurse that her husband told her to find another career that she can grow into. And out of necessity rather than desire, she fell into freelance writing.

At first, it is difficult for her because it is ingrained at nursing school that you should either work in a Doctor’s Clinic, Hospital, or Management. It was never taught that there was anything else. So, that’s why she was glad that she can still help people like patients and healthcare providers through her writing.


Stethoscope and Laptop Computer. Laptop computers and other kinds of mobile devices and communications technologies are of increasing importance in the delivery of health care

She realized an incredible life lesson that you are never too old to change it up.

Tips to be a 6 Figure Nurse

  • Find mentors or a community – this can help you overcome impostor syndrome, can lead to paid work, and extend your business, which is a vital step to be a 6 figure nurse.
  • Blog posts – don’t hesitate to write a blog post with other freelancers with the same niche as you. This can help you reach more audiences.
  • Write sample blog posts – this can help you and your client to determine if you are a good match for there business
  • List all the articles you find – take a tour of major news sites for articles related to your niche. This will help you understand what your ideal client can demand from you and what services you can provide to your client.
  • Create a shortlist of people who have the most views and comments – try to connect with them. In this way, you can grow your business from 0 to six figures in less than a year.

Ashley mentions the following in this episode, From 0 to 6 Figure Nurse in Less Than a Year:


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