132: How a Business Mindset Solves Entrepreneurial Problems with Catie Harris

The underlying mechanism that can uncover opportunities and ignite our ambition, activating our faculties in ways that allow us to bloom and thrive, is our attitude.

Welcome to another episode of The Savvy Scribe Podcast. My guest is Catie Harris, and she is from the company called NursePreneurs. Her company is committed to supporting nurses across the globe, with their crazy outrageous and innovative ideas, on the path to changing healthcare through entrepreneurialism. She has a mission to support and launch 10,000 nurse businesses by 2025.

She’s been a nurse for about 20 years. When she graduated from nursing school, there was a surplus of nurses, and it was tough to get hired. She can’t even get a job at a nursing home. She got desperate and started applying all over the country, and she went to South Texas and ended up working the two things she said she would never do – working night shifts in neuro. She worked so much in neuro that, over the years, she eventually started to love it. She had a doctorate degree in subarachnoid hemorrhage outcomes.

She came to a point where she realized that she is not learning and growing anymore in her job. She started exploring other ideas, got out, and found opportunities. 

“You have to know what you want, and then you can get lucky by putting yourself in a position to be lucky.”

She realizes she can’t be an expert in all these different business models. So she started partnering with other nurses who are experts in a certain business model and has helped 500 nurses in their program per se.

Business Mindset

We all have a mindset, but we are often unaware of it or the enormous impact it has on our lives. The underlying mechanism that can uncover opportunities and ignite our ambition, activating our faculties in ways that allow us to bloom and thrive, is our attitude. However, our attitude may also blind us to possibilities and impede our ability to learn and evolve, tying us to comfortable but ineffective habits of thought and action.

Importance of Business Mindset

Having a business mindset allows you to spot problems quickly and deliver timely solutions. You’re not the type to sit around and wait; you have a strong intuition and will go get it if you want it. Having this mindset means you understand the necessity of perseverance in the face of adversity. Adopting a growth mindset can supercharge your well-being as well as your business.

99% of business problems are personal problems. Mindset is the biggest obstacle in your business. There is no business problem, it was all business mindset problems.

For example, if you’re giving your service for free because you don’t think you’re worth paying for and that’s a personal problem.


What we tell ourselves
One of the biggest business mindset issues is what we tell ourselves and how we talk to ourselves. Your inner critic is a big paralyzing stopper for a lot of people. Because we can be very, very mean to ourselves, and you would say stuff to yourself that you would never ever say to another human being. And it’s not right.

Getting overwhelmed

Getting overwhelmed is not a reason for not doing anything. If you have so many things on your plate and you just started to just stare at the window and zone out.

Procrastination or Resistance

People frequently procrastinate because they are fearful of failing to complete the job at hand. This fear of failure can promote procrastination in a variety of ways, such as causing people to postpone finishing a task or starting a task in the first place.

BONUS tip: Try to create an effective working space to boost your productivity, fuel your business mindset, and fight procrastination!

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