146: Building a Freedom-Based Business with Jamie Kullman

A business should act as the engine that helps your message reach those in need without jeopardizing the quality of life and freedom.

I am so excited to have Jamie Kullman in our episode today! Let’s learn what a freedom-based business is all about and how we can find our passion and things that we really love.

She was named the Top Mompreneur to Watch in 2021 by Yahoo! Finance. She is also the host of Moms Freedom Maker Podcast, which just hits the top 2% of the world. She started her 6-figure business at 15 years old by recycling used automotive parts and keeping them out of the landfill, bringing her mission with her which is to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs handle their businesses by shading down the amount of time they spend working while scaling their impact.

Jamie believes a business should act as the engine that helps your message reach those in need without jeopardizing the quality of life and freedom. Somewhere along her entrepreneurial journey, she became self-employed and worked sun up and sundown, wearing every single hat. She never literally knew what her purpose was so she tried to do everything.

Eventually, struggling with knowing what she’s supposed to do, she was finally able to figure it out and how to share that with the world. Now, she’s on her journey of helping other people what their purposes, what they’re passionate about, how can they make a living from that, and they point that out to the world so that it’s impactful and that mission is bigger than themselves.

Finding Your Passion at Work

Janine: As nurses, we always feel like we’re passionate at work. And when people say “meaningful” job, we think about healthcare, we think about teaching, and many other jobs out there. But you almost feel a little bit guilty when you feel like “I’m not fulfilled, and I don’t know what’s going to fulfill me” and I’m burnt out with all the things.

So, I came into writing and now, do I feel like I am more of an impact than I did in nursing? Nope. but do I feel more fulfilled in myself? Yes! And that’s I think where you need to think about if you are thinking of a little bit of change. Yet, you don’t have to abandon nursing altogether but maybe there is something out there for you.

What is Freedom-Based Business

It’s the things that you’ve enjoyed doing for the longest time but it’s taking the backseat of life. It starts with finding your purpose and passion.

Ask yourself: “What is it that is inside of me that is just waiting to breakthrough?”

What if that ‘thing’ is giving you joy but you are not making money as much as your job, how would you go about pursuing that passion?

For Jamie, it comes down to “did you want to make money out of this?” because you absolutely could! If you have a goal to leave nursing, it’s been a change in how you show up in the business. If you want it to be a hobby and remain a hobby forever, totally fine but you’re going to show up differently. Then, you’re like you have the goal to leave nursing in 6 months after that passion takes over your income. But if you want to stay in nursing and do something else as a hobby that will bring you income, maybe it’s knowing that you’re helping people as a nurse, it’s giving yourself that permission but you’re not letting it take over your life, then you can do both.

How did you find your area?

Jamie tried a lot of different things. It’s not about the strategy too much, it’s stepping into who are you. What’s staining in your way? You’ve got that passion or purpose, now what part of you is making it so you show up and go in the way to get through it.

Key questions to discover things you really want

What do you want to be remembered?

If we stopped living like tomorrow is promised to us, we started living for today and truly embracing that and impacting the lives that we should, we change how everybody shows up. If that’s what you love, then why don’t you start living now?


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