103: Building a Business as a Writer with Ires Alliston

To take action is the only way you're going to progress in your entrepreneurial journey.

Ires Alliston came from the Philippines and went to the U.S in Atlanta. She will talk about building a business as a writer and will cover some topics in starting a business in general.

What pushed Ires to become an entrepreneur is by accident, because she didn’t want and wish to be an entrepreneur, and it happens to her as her breakthrough to enter the entrepreneurial world. For her, building a business can be a lonely road because you are doing everything on your own. We made mistakes and learned what is good in order to figure out what we will do or which path we will go. These things will go through either you have mentors and coaches to help you; all you need to do is to follow and go through the process until you finally discover what you wanted to do.

She failed 13 times in different businesses, and failing is part of the process; we don’t need to be disappointed in it and figure out what we really want.

Ires had a marketing agency where she helped people to design their websites, develop mobile apps, social media content, and all like stuff. Her clients encourage her to teach what she already knew. After much encouragement, she took it with faith and started coaching and training people.

Ires made it in order to serve people and make a difference and ended up with so many methods to help her and others as well in building a business.

The 3 M Method That You Can Use in Building a Business

  1. Method or Model. It is a framework of what you want to do, a system in place that guides and allows you to do the task and focuses on business development.
  2. Messaging. This makes your customers or audience feel comfortable because you use the right terminologies or language in your content.
  3.  Monetize. Whatever skills you had, experience and knowledge will pay you. In this way, you can create your desired life for yourself and your family.

Ires uses some tools from building her business to implementing and processing those methods. One of them is Canva, this is easy for her to create graphics and presentations, especially in branding and designing her products or services. It eliminates waste of time in creation using the available template or create template for logos, presentation and many more – you can just delegate the task.

She is known as the number one introvert coach in America and a higher ticket advisor. She added that automating your system is an advantage for business as a tool.

Are freelancers (mostly) introverts? Check out these simple ways to find out if you are!

Ires also uses a funnel that basically keeps things simple. It is a landing page for people to offer something, like information and anything you want to share – its main purpose is to direct your target audience to go to that site and get your valuable insights in exchange for something that will help them to get and learn additional tips. She really wants to align everything and nurture the clients and customers with her content and other goals she wants.

Doing some advertisements on social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Google ads is another tool in business. But, you really need to have good budget management, because you will pay for it.

Ires wants to empower and inspire everyone to be realistic so they can be or get motivated and inspired by some people that can help them.  And it is up to us if we take action when building a business.

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