108: 6 Steps to Build Confidence to Stop Doing the Same Thing with Amanda Chils

Confidence allows you to live your life for you. Even if you have no idea how to do or achieve anything, confidence provides you the push you need to figure it out.

Our today’s guest is Amanda Chils, host of Root of Power Podcast and owner of Live MyHappy Health, a therapist that does mindset coaching, confidence empowerment, and teaching people how to be happy.

She will share some steps to build your confidence and for you to stop doing the same thing and get NOTHING from it. She sees you trying every morning ritual, vitamins, and piece of advice from every “influencer” out there, only to feel like a failure when you finally give up. It’s not your fault; you didn’t follow the right steps.

How to Build Confidence

Positive affirmations have their place and they can be useful. The issue is you should have a really good base; when you are feeling confident already. When you struggle with self-worth then self-affirmation doesn’t work. You actually have to start off being a weigher of your own thoughts because if you have no idea of what your soundtrack is you can’t change it.

Start With Awareness

The most significant aspect to build confidence is being more aware of our strengths and where we lack confidence. Being more clear about our strengths may help us feel more confident because it allows us to spend more energy on what we’re excellent at, which boosts our overall feeling of self-assurance. Be able to be aware of going to a shame spiral. If we are not aware of where we lack confidence, we can’t change it.

how to build confidence


Accept that you cannot change your thoughts but you can determine where you put your energy.

Pull Your Attention and Energy

Prioritize your energy to where your attention goes. Look for your own opinion.


Ask yourself if you want to do these things? Are you ready to do this?  How do I feel about this? Confidence comes from clarity but we can get clarity if we don’t know what we are saying.

Take Action

Take action and go get your goals and be the person that deserves it. You can feel unconfident and still achieve things. Confidence comes from taking action.

Manifestation and Mantra

When you perceive yourself in a negative way it’s going to be a process. When the soundtrack in your brain is very very negative, you cannot jump from rainbows to roses. You need to start with very neutral statements. If you hate your body, say to yourself “ I have a body and it keeps my organs in place and that’s nice”. You go from there, practice, and be more aware of your thoughts.

Confidence allows you to live your life for yourself. It enables us to feel prepared for life’s challenges. We’re more inclined to go ahead with people and chances when we’re confident, rather than shy away from them. It  is important because it unconsciously notifies people that they are in the company of someone who is a leader and confident in themselves. People who have a strong sense of self and project their inner confidence are more likely to achieve success. You have to completely trust in your abilities and decision-making skills. Even if you have no idea how to do or achieve anything, confidence provides you the push you need to figure it out.


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