Blogging Without Writing: Is It the New Norm?

Blogging Without Writing: Is It the New Norm?

Blogging Without Writing: Is It the New Norm?

Is blogging without writing the new norm? Blogging is not dead, though, so many people who run blogs are not writing anymore. Content variation with the use of your voice is a new way that I help business express their ideas, without writing. I realized just because I love to write doesn’t mean everyone else does. For example, think about YouTube and podcasts. They present excellent ways to incorporate blogging without writing. Now, this article isn’t to grow a podcast. Instead, I want to show you how you can try blogging without writing by using apps and your voice to create blog content.

Blogging Without Writing

According to Google, 20% of mobile queries are voice searches and Alexa and Siri are to thank as well. Voice texting and voice recognition in the hospital for patient care is an adapted process I use every single day. I look back at when my 13-year-old was a baby and wonder how we lived without it.

Why we Love Voice?


Personally, I am a huge fan of podcasts! If I can’t find a podcast episode I am interested in that day, I use YouTube to find something interesting. We listen in the car, at the gym, walking the dog, or making dinner. Podcasts are growing over 20% from 2010 to 2011 and 11% from 2016 to 2017. It is getting the number one choice of different types of audiences. Unsurprisingly, podcasts fit the busy lives of many people.

It’s Fast!

Ever sit down to write a paper? Think about how long it takes. Don’t you wish you could just talk out the paper and it would write itself? Guess what? It can. Blogging without writing is truly a great time-saver! When I consult with business clients, voice blogging is one of the services. I know, firsthand, what it’s like to have an idea, with nowhere to take it, and eventually, it’s forgotten. Cost-effective If you are looking for less time-consuming yet cost-effective solution, then voice blogging is a great option for you.

How to Use Your Voice to Blog

I use three products in my business that I want to share with you. One is the Voxer app and the other is voice notes and the notes app on my phone.


I use the Voxer app for many things, even in my coaching business. Though, I find it useful for quick voice notes to my clients (and friends). I like it because the messages don’t disappear.

Notes + Voice Notes

I also like notes and voice notes on my phone. I like to use voice notes when I have my blog post ready to talk it out and I use a transcription service to translate and write it for me. I also have used Google’s Voice feature (open a doc → Tools → Voice Typing) on Google Docs and I also have used my notes app to talk my blog post out. They don’t do as well as a transcription service, but it helps…A LOT!

Blogging Without Writing Challenge

At the end of this post, I would love to hear if you were able to use any of these tips to create your own voice blog. It’s an easy way to try blogging without writing. All you will have to do is go in and edit your post, and BAM, you got another piece of content, my friend! Tag me on Twitter (@JanineKelbach) #BloggingWithoutWriting

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